"Carson Daly, Ron White, Michael Bolton Highlight Celebrity Field at Humana Challenge

Alice Cooper, Don Felder, Craig T. Nelson, Eric Dickerson return
To iconic pro-am event

LA QUINTA, Calif. – Keeping with its rich tradition of bringing its fans a wide variety of stars from screen, studio and stadium, the Humana Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation once again features a star-studded list of celebrities teeing off in the amateur field of the PGA TOUR event Jan. 14-20.

Headlining that list is talk-show host and former Coachella Valley radio personality Carson Daly (The Voice, Late Night With Carson Daly), actor Craig T. Nelson (Coach, Parenthood), comedian Ron White and multi-platinum award singer Michael Bolton"



This world-renowned singer has sold more than 53 millions albums and singles.  Known for his soulful voice and lyrics, he has been honored with a Grammy and an American Music Award.    For more than 20 years, Michael Bolton Charities has been an advocate for at-risk women and children, donating more than $3.7 million."

Little bit of "photographic licence" taken here as Humana had posted a picture of Michael at this point in their list of players but as I could not transfer over picture they had used I decided to use this very, very special picture of Michael kissing that ball after his hole-in-one on 8th May, 2012 and here is hoping the stars are "aligning again" for him and that he gets another hole-in-one during this competition !!! :)


Above announcement made by the Humana Challenge PGA Golf Tournament yesterday, 9th January, with regard to the Humana Challenge Golf Pro-Am Competition which will be held from 14th - 20th January, 2013 and at which you can see Michael has committed himself to play and as he generally takes part in the Bob Hope Legacy Pro-Am Competition this starts on Wednesday, 16th January with practice on the three courses starting at 8.30 a.m. with competition proper starting on Thursday, 17th January and running through until final on Sunday, 20th January.



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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Thank you Sylvia our Wee weeporter for all the updates!

Congratulations Michael!!! Way to play!


Final post in this thread and I must say I am delighted to put it in for Michael came 1st in the Ernie Dunlevie Field in the Pro-Am and has posted his picture, holding the Trophy he was presented with on Saturday evening, on Twitter.  In case some don't know the whole field in the Pro-Am, of over 300 players, is always split into three groups because the tournament is held over three courses on three days so it is a different course each day for each group and each group is made up of amateurs and professionals so Michael beat, not only the other amateurs in the group but the professionals too, to win that Trophy.   Well done Michael doesn't seem enough of a congratulatory statement to make but.........WELL DONE Michael !! :)

For Sylvie and Robin CA the Trophy is a HUGE crystal vase and needless to say Michael's smile is one to behold for I believe he is just a "little" bit happy !!!! lol.




Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



You are great messenger of wonderful  messages !!!!! ... fantastic pic

GREAT thanks


Hey Sylvia, thanks for all the reports, updates and recaps, much appreciated. Oh and thanks for the description too, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks Sylvia, and what a great photo. VERY WELL DONE AND VERY PROUD OF MB!!!!! Tickled for him, too.


Kathy T. :-)

I like this one too. Saw it on Twitter today..Way to go MB!!!!! You deserve it!

Robin in MD :)

Thank you Sylvia,

Now if Michael needs a place to display that beautiful Crystal Vase, I do have a shelve in my bedroom it would look fabulous sitting on. :)


Thanks everyone and all I can say is.....rather funny Kellie how it is a shelve in your, bedroom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.






American Century Championship Challenge 

j'ai vu que c'etait une vieille vidéo, mais je l'ai posté quand même


Merci Katia and I do hope you enjoyed the interview !!! :)    The video is from 2010 and is Michael being interviewed on the course and for those who haven't seen it is a good interview and well worth watching !!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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