"Carson Daly, Ron White, Michael Bolton Highlight Celebrity Field at Humana Challenge

Alice Cooper, Don Felder, Craig T. Nelson, Eric Dickerson return
To iconic pro-am event

LA QUINTA, Calif. – Keeping with its rich tradition of bringing its fans a wide variety of stars from screen, studio and stadium, the Humana Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation once again features a star-studded list of celebrities teeing off in the amateur field of the PGA TOUR event Jan. 14-20.

Headlining that list is talk-show host and former Coachella Valley radio personality Carson Daly (The Voice, Late Night With Carson Daly), actor Craig T. Nelson (Coach, Parenthood), comedian Ron White and multi-platinum award singer Michael Bolton"



This world-renowned singer has sold more than 53 millions albums and singles.  Known for his soulful voice and lyrics, he has been honored with a Grammy and an American Music Award.    For more than 20 years, Michael Bolton Charities has been an advocate for at-risk women and children, donating more than $3.7 million."

Little bit of "photographic licence" taken here as Humana had posted a picture of Michael at this point in their list of players but as I could not transfer over picture they had used I decided to use this very, very special picture of Michael kissing that ball after his hole-in-one on 8th May, 2012 and here is hoping the stars are "aligning again" for him and that he gets another hole-in-one during this competition !!! :)


Above announcement made by the Humana Challenge PGA Golf Tournament yesterday, 9th January, with regard to the Humana Challenge Golf Pro-Am Competition which will be held from 14th - 20th January, 2013 and at which you can see Michael has committed himself to play and as he generally takes part in the Bob Hope Legacy Pro-Am Competition this starts on Wednesday, 16th January with practice on the three courses starting at 8.30 a.m. with competition proper starting on Thursday, 17th January and running through until final on Sunday, 20th January.



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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If he finished third that's a great placement for him overall. I bet he's really proud of his rounds of golf there the last few days!

Way to go MB!

Robin in MD:)

Thanks Kathy R for posting. MB's interview is on exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes into the coverage..I also saw it but had dinner on the stove and no time to post.LOL He talked also about how his work gets in the way of his golf game (kidding like he does about that) and how he travels and goes to beautiful courses all over the world and how he just loves being a part of the Humana event and how much he admires the pros and how hard they work at their golf etc..He said he was tied for first the first two days and felt some of that pressure too. was a good interview..

Robin in MD:)

Lol....thanks for all the other info Robin Md. It helps to have it recorded!! Of course...what was I doing??? Trying to find my receiver and push record so I heard the end of the interview!!! LOL Nothing new with me!

Sylvia...I can't believe I actually posted something that wasn't already covered by you the Wee Weeporter!!! Of course I get side tracked by just looking at MB and the words spoken during the interview sort of get fuzzy. I was soooo excited that he finally made an appearance!!! LOL THAT is why I am not a reporter of any kind....lol I know Carson Daly did well as did Alice Cooper. Sylvia who is the other player gaining on Michael? Hope MB keeps 3rd but 4th is pretty good also!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Also I forgot to say he wore all black today, even his baseball cap!!LOL

Between us we got it all covered I think!!LOL  Congrats MB on finishing 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin in MD:)

Robin Md....Thank goodness there are more talented reporters here than I !!! Didn't he look dashing in all black??? Oh my....no wonder I kept fumbling with the dang tv receiver...too much distraction!!!! Now no one can fault me for that :))))) ROFL!!! Third time is a charm...OR third place for a charmer!!! Either way...congrats Michael on 3rd place!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hi Kathy,

Sorry I missed it, does anyone know where it can be found now after the fact?



Thanks for the article Pilar, much appreciated, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Michael has finished in      THIRD    place.......WOW !! :)     The other fellow took it right to the eighteenth for he came up one behind Michael but didn't get it for he parred the last hole.   Isn't that just absolutely fantastic !!!! :)

Couldn't find video of interview but will look again tomorrow for some of the things like that take a day to come over .....but I will definitely have a look as I will for any more photos......Michael's rounds might be finished but this thread isn't !!!!! lol.    It is just after midnight here so once Sylvia has been over to FB and reported....she is finished for the night, so night, night everyone.....sweet dreams when it becomes your turn !!!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.




WOW....thanks Sylvia!! GREAT news!!!! CONGRATS Michael!!!! And thanks for all the superb golf coverage Wee Weeporter :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

LOL Kathy R..He looked mighty fine as always!

Robin in MD:)

Can't find video interview or any more photos of Michael but have to say that this morning the amateur leaderboard has changed slightly from last night because it is now showing that two were equal first with Michael then in third and here is the final three placings.........


T1     Dean Bramlet                 -36                60 : 62 : 58 = 180

T1     Tom Stull                       -36                 62 : 60 : 58 = 180

3       Michael Bolton               -33                 59 : 61 : 63 = 183


Michael did, in effect, win the 1st Round on Thursday with his 59 and was 2nd in 2nd Round with 61......terrific !!! :)   Michael and a lot of the amateurs beat the professionals for the winner up to the end of the 3rd Round was Scott Stallings and he returned a -22 with scores of 66 : 65 : 63 = 194.   No wonder they get rid of the amateurs today for the Final Round because they would show the professionals up !!! lol.


Thanks to all who have supported my little thread and hope you have enjoyed and if Michael is playing next year.....see you all in 2014 !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.





Doing my "Columbo" act again....away to get my raincoat ......thought I should point that out in case any of you are as mixed up as me and think it is already 2014 but just picked up this post from Humana Challenge on FB so thought I would share.


"A perfectly timed flyby of two F-5 fighters. Three Wounded Warriors -- Matt Anderson, David Romanowsky and Saul Martinez -- who distinguished themselves with their service and sacrifice and were honored by retired Four Star General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO.

Those were some of the highlights of Saturday's Military Appreciation Day, held on the 18th green of the Palmer Private Course at the end of the third round of play.

Linda Hope, Bob Hope's daughter, spoke on behalf of her iconic father -- whose famous shows on behalf of three generations of military personnel are a fabric of American culture.

The highlight of the ceremony was the awarding of a house to veteran Adam Sampson, a Purple Heart winner who was wounded in Iraq. Sampson fought back tears as Tim McClain of Humana presented him with the mortgage-free home in Beaumont."

Another quote from Humana Challenge that I have found on FB..................



"Dean Bramlet (13 handicap) and Tom Stull (a 15) tied for the Amateur title. Both checked in at 36-under-par for the three rounds. Bramlet seized his share of the title by shooting 14-under on the Nicklaus Private Course. Stull seized his by shooting 14-under at La Quinta Country Club.

Finishing alone in third and holding up the celebrity end of matters was Michael Bolton, who finished at 33-under."


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.




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