Hi everyboby,

it has been a while.....

Today I feel like an idiot because I had a chance to meet Michael but I got scared...

My wife and I went celebrate our 30th anniversary in Barcelona then madrid

Well guess what?we were in Madrid waiting for our bags and here it is the greatest singer in front of me.

He had a black hat on and a security guy.We wanted to approach him but we got shy.On top of that he was busy kissing and hugging and holding the hand of that beautiful woman he was dating in Milan Italy.We wanted to give them the privacy they deserved but we lost the opportunity.

He does look happy though and that is important to us.they looked very sweet and attached.He was snuggling and laughing with her.She was stunning.

They reminded me when I first met my wife...

It is great to see him happy but I am sad i didn't stop him





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Och you should have spoken to him, you silly man !! lol.  Hope you and your wife had a great holiday and a great time celebrating your anniversary - well done you two - 30 years nowadays is quite an achievement - congratulations !! :) 

Have you heard the latest piece of terrific news that Jack Sparrow has been nominated for an Emmy in the Most Original Lyrics section - think that is what it is called; don't quote me but wonderful news for the Lonely Island boys - eh ??? :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Yes Wee One, that is great news about Michael being nominated for an Emmy!!!   :)



thank you Sylvia,yes me and my girl had a great time.....a second honeymoon.

the news is great,he deserves it...GO MICHAEL



Have you ever thought of taking up golf or tennis?  Or maybe you should try softball..... You need to find a nice hobby for yourself, when you are not busy working.  LOL!!!!!!! 


Be Good!!!  :)



what do you mean Helena?

it happened we were right in front of him but decided not to bother his privacy

*yawn* *yawn*


I have my doubts whether Michael would 'snuggle or hug' anyone in public let alone 'kiss' anyone in front of the public anyway. He is a very private man and would not act in this manner especially where there could possibly be reporters around.


Interesting that he was wearing a black hat and a security guy? is that a new style of coat or jumper?


Whatever Michaels relationship status, it has nothing, nothing to do with us.


Good luck to you Michael if you are dating good luck to you I say. I wish you all my best.


Why do I have the feeling that this is another one of those 'not again' moments?




Yep Juliet ,why bother xx


I just agree with the headliner on this one Juliet!

An no we shouldn't waste our time

Love Dianna xxx



I think you have been watching too many reruns of "Fantasy Island"!!!  Yesterday, Barry Manilow came over my house and had dinner with me and my mother... Oh wait..... it was Michael who came over for dinner!!!  Or maybe they both came over....the more, the merrier!!!!  LOL!!!  Hope they both like Italian food!!!  I like a good fantasy too.....but reality is much better!!!   :)


Mike,  there are more important things is life to worry about, than Michael's love life or anyone elses.  If Michael is happy, I'm happy for him......same with Barry and all the famous singers that I admire.  :)  


You seem to have a fasination..... with coming here and talking about Michael's love life.  You never talk about his music, his style, his personailty, his generosity, his new CD Gems, or anything else.  I am not going to say what I really think about your comments,  just that I wish you the best.  


Have a safe trip home and a nice weekend!



Girls it seems like that everytime I say something about michael's personal life you all get upset with me.I personally thought I was going to hear something else since I did not take pictures of him and even did not approach him.I hope that another fan who saw him at the airport will confirm that one day.You all think bad....He was very nice to her and kiss her gently in her lips,then he hugged her and genly kissed her again.He is not 15.sarah and I thought that it was something normal and beautiful.they smiled at us.

We don't care what Michael does in his personal time, obviously you do....so if you want to talk about Gems or a concert review, we're all ears!

But he's got a right to his privacy...let it go, please:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

can I just chip in that an airport -lounge is not directly a private place and what other people- who happen to be in the same place-see,is not something you can disallow them to see.-and-if they see a person they know- and more so-a person they are very interested in seeing-would they look,yes or no?Would you as  a Michael Bolton fan not look when you see Michael Bolton,whatever he might do at that moment in time?

and more so,would you not be interested when he kisses someone HOW he does it,after all the steamy videos we know?And if Mike had even taken a picture,is that not allowed in an airport lounge?And what's wrong he(Mike) tells us  when everyone is welcome to share their experiences?


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