Hi everyboby,

it has been a while.....

Today I feel like an idiot because I had a chance to meet Michael but I got scared...

My wife and I went celebrate our 30th anniversary in Barcelona then madrid

Well guess what?we were in Madrid waiting for our bags and here it is the greatest singer in front of me.

He had a black hat on and a security guy.We wanted to approach him but we got shy.On top of that he was busy kissing and hugging and holding the hand of that beautiful woman he was dating in Milan Italy.We wanted to give them the privacy they deserved but we lost the opportunity.

He does look happy though and that is important to us.they looked very sweet and attached.He was snuggling and laughing with her.She was stunning.

They reminded me when I first met my wife...

It is great to see him happy but I am sad i didn't stop him





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Sorry juliet but the picture that Tine from Germany put is the girl I saw him with in Madrid and if you look carefully is the same girl in Milan last summer...
Now it is clear.I think he wants to protect her....and he is doing the right thing.He was Happy and that is what counts.
p.s. Thank you Angelica,you understood me.
I am sure one day we will hear it directly from him

Mike dear.... You need to get a life....




Ok, now I tell you ... was I!

Michael Bolton: 'I'm looking for right woman'

Thursday, May 12 2011, 18:14 BST
By Tom Ayres, Entertainment Reporter
Michael Bolton


 Michael Bolton has said that he is still waiting for the "right woman" to find him.

The singer claimed that because of his career it is difficult to find the time for a relationship, but insisted that he is always open to the possibility.

"I'm single now, and my schedule is probably going to continue in a busy theme for a while longer," Bolton told People recently."I almost wouldn't wish me upon [a potential girlfriend] right now, there's just not a lot of time."

Despite his reluctance for a relationship at the minute, Bolton did admit that he hopes to find love again one day.

"I'm waiting for the right woman to come along," Bolton admitted. "I'm more than open-minded."

Bolton was engaged to former Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan for two years before the couple announced their separation in 2008.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant returned to the show this week for a special performance with pop singer Delta Goodrem of the song 'I'm Not Ready', taken from his new duets album.

Ahead of his US tour this summer, Bolton will release Gems - The Duets Collection on June 21.

Watch Michael Bolton featuring on The Lonely Island's 'Jack Sparrow' below (warning: explicit content):


So, there might be still a chance for one of us :-))



Lol Ivanaaaaaaa this is not the dance in the castle of the prince, even if I know that you are a dreamer and I have to admit that I love to dream..... I love you, Ivana and most of all this sweet part of you......... <3

Proof enough in itself that Michael is not dating anyone. Well apart from me that is!! Ha Ha Ha!!!


Seriously, if Michael is or isn't dating, I don't believe that it should be up for discussion at all by the media or by us. It is his secret to tell if he so chooses.


I absolutely despise all of this conjecture on whether he is or isn't dating. It's Michaels love life and I personally would hate anyone gossiping about my personal life and debating on whether I was or wasn't seeing someone.That information is private and personal.


Michael provides us with musical entertainment and his relationship status shouldn't be a part of the package.


Just my honest and humble opinion and no offence or malice is aimed at anyone who's opinions differ from mine.



Hey Jennifer,


Since I'm dating Barry Manilow, how about the four of us go out on a double date?!?!?!?  LOL!!!!!!!   :)



Ok Helea, where do you fancy? Cinema or dinner? Ha ha!!!



How about both!!!!   :)


Well tomorrow night is no good, since I'm seeing Harry Potter and having dinner with a friend (no not Barry!!!).  But lets plan something!!!   LOL!!!! 




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