Michael & Ashley in Idaho Falls Michael%27s%20greatest%20of%20all%20time%20.jpg

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Agree completely and utterly with you Tom for that is a beautiful picture and that kiss sure ain't no air one on the cheek, that is for real especially with the end of Michael's nose crushed up against Ashley's cheek too .... it is a super one !!! :)   Love seeing it too for it brings back the lovely memories of Ashley trying to decide what to wear that night.  She had a selection of about three or four different ones and put the pictures out on FB and asked people to help her pick and that was just absolutely brilliant and loved what she eventually went with.  Have always thought could really have picked hairs with Michael at that event for he didn't abide by the rules of red and white, unless his socks were because we know nothing else was .......OH, naughty me !!!! LOL  Please, do not ask me to explain that statement, please !!!! ROFL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I have tears in my eyes reading all of these wonderful memories!

.......and the mad stuff is still happening Tom in fact it is getting worse......these senior moments are coming thick and fast now, I'm really getting worried, especially when I forget to worry about getting worried ....know what I mean ???? LOL

Good to see you back on here and thanks for popping on !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Yes I sure do know what you mean about the forget thing. Love ya!

You are right Sylvia it was in Scottsdale boy is my memory bad. Idaho falls was the very first concert where we say Michael at. Shame on me and now that you mention it I remember her having a tough time with deciding what to wear as well. Thanks for the wakeup Sylvia. Dad

Any time Tom and hey don't worry about the memory  ....  only start worrying when you get everything together to go out and you go to get into your car and you click your key to open your doors and there's NO key in your hand  ....  THEN you can start worrying !!! LOL  Did that yesterday morning and I couldn't get back in the house quick enough to fall about laughing.  My keys were sitting on kitchen counter saying: "did you forget something ???" LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend



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