something lovely,funny,entertaining etc


Hi everybody you know sometimes perhaps in an e-mail or something you get some lovely things that I am sure some of us would love to share or perhaps a joke


They must be polite and not rude or anything that would offend anybody nor can they be racial

and please no chain letters.........

We don't need to see Violence or stupidy......


Remember people over the many MIchael Bolton boards we have always tried to respect one and another so lets see how this goes :)


These are some of the picture's sent to me in an e-mail

enjoy  :)


Cherry Blossoms Japan 





Autumn in Germany


The beauty of Antarctica




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That made me cry ,oh i cant read these anymore .I mean in a nice way but they get me all teary .xx
Beautiful pictures Dianna, thank you for sharing.

Love, Shannon xoxo
Here are a few pictures that I took myself a few years ago when I was in NYC.

Love, Shannon xoxo
Wow Shannon I hope I can take those pictures one day
They are breath taking
Love Dianna xxx
Your welcome. I have only been to NYC once, and I LOVED it. I miss the east coast so much. I lived in Boston for about 5 years. I will return to the east coast sometime to visit, I am hoping for next year.

Love, Shannon xoxo
Amazing photos Shannon. I particularly love the church one.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

One day, I will fly and one day, I hope to visit day....

Love Jennifer XX
I am hoping maybe I will be able to get there next summer before my classes start back up. NYC and Boston are both 2 amazing cities. I am such a History Buff, so those 2 cities alone are so rich in history, I love it. I would love to go back to England one day, ehhem, lets say around RAH time, lol, England is so historic. I miss Europe also, one day I will go back. The one country that I REALLY want to go to that I haven't been to yet is Italy. I would love to go to Milan, Tuscany, and Rome!!!

Love, Shannon xoxo

P.S. any one have any pictures or Rome, Milan, or Tuscany??
Love the pictures Juliet. Makes me want to go on a holiday to Cancun!! Love, Shannon xoxo
Here are some pictures of Boston, just a few!!

Love, Shannon xoxo
I got these photos off of my computer, they cam with Windows 7 by default. They are beautiful thou. Love, Shannon xoxo
Ok this is too funny I had to share it with you. The dog thinks that it's leg is trying to take his chew bone from him lol!!!

Love, Shannon xoxo
Shannon I haven't seem these in ages
I love it
LOve Dianna xxx


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