If YOU had the opportunity to spend one day with Michael?

Where would you chose to spend it with Michael?



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Nice reponses from everyone here!
I would like to hear more from everyone.
So here is another one from me.

If I had one day to spend with Michael Bolton,
I would want to travel to a place he has not been yet.
Not meaning my heart, cause he already caught mine.
The place could be unkown, and no one knowing of it....

We could share everything and for all time!

His Girlfriend For Life!

it is not easy to say. I am thinking of him every day, every second........ :

I would like to receive a very private SMS from him telling me "Ivana, talking to you it’s not the same as touching you, every time you whisper my name, I wanna run to you", then we would go for a very very long walk in the rain without watching the clock, holding hands, speaking about him, about me, about our sorrows, about our dreams.. laughing at my (yet) bad English.. I would like to feel his gentle kisses.....I would like to dance a slow dance with him feeling him close to me. I would like to get to know him as a person, as a man, not as an artist !!! I think we could become really good friends, I would do my best to understand him. If he would spend a day with me doing just normal things, no papparrazi would recognize him and he could spend a really nice day with me, he could relax.

Love, Ivana
Oh that will be the day! I think I'll take him to my home, meet the whole family and then tell him to sing some of his songs... Listening to his velvety voice in real life and I will be on top of the world! then we will all go and dine out in a little restaurant which will be opened just for us! And he will be sitting next to me! Ha ha that will be a day NEVER EVER to be forgotten!
Love Jayne xxxx


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