Hello All.  I was just hoping some of the more knowledgable amongst us might have some answers to some of my random Michael Bolton questions.

Question 1:
I've read some place that at its peak, Michael had a vocal range of E2-E6.  Can anyone confirm?  Have any examples of songs where he hits these extreams, or if not, which song (studio or live) has his highest and lowest recorded notes?  Anybody know what his current range is? 

Question 2:
Is it true that Michael is deaf in one ear? 

Question 3:
I know Michael was into  Shotokan Karate in his younger days.  Does he still take lessons or practice?  Does he have any belts (if that form even has belts)?


ummm..... I think thats it for the moment :).  Anybody else have  wierd questions?

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I have got a question too.

When I heard "I hope it's too late" I was a bit confused after I fell in love with the song.

Is he sad or happy or something like that? (in the song I mean)

He said: i just gonna say, it's gonna be you until the end of time"

but on the other hand" i hope it's too late, and you're already to far, gone.."

that "HOPE"  confuses me.

He hopes that his girl is to far away to come back or that she will always love him? ahhhhh!

It drives me crazy. Please answer me..



Hi Christin,

the lyrics play with the listener's expectancies. The - seemingly "negative"  - words "too late" seem to express that something went wrong, but in this case it is meant: too late to say good bye. Expressed in a positive way: I hope you will stay because the relationship already developed well - too well to say good bye.

Also, I think that there is an "o" missing in "too far gone" which also means: (in my words LOL): "too much invested to stop now".

But that is just the way the "singer" (in this case MB representing all who sing along) feels - he hopes that his lover/partner feels the same too. Because it is no duet and therefore no answer you will never know ... The only solution is to find your answer - tricky thing isn't it LOL

I love the way the lyrics play with words and their connontation. Awakens consciousness of what words can express and evoke in different contexts to prevent prediction and boredom. It just keeps your mind and soul flexible ... 

Here is a German example: Du bist ein Wunder. Ein wunder Punkt in meinem Leben ... (Textzeile von Wolfgang Petry, den genauen Songtitel habe ich vergessen LOL)

Greetings from Germany


Thanks Astrid!

Now I know how to handle Michael Bolton's Music and Lyrics. I never thought that I would read the name Wolfgang Petry on a site of Michael Bolton. But thanks for your example!

Greeting from North Germany


Christin, that is the tricky thing with communication - you'll never know what recipients understand and how they react on messages ...

Greetings from Germany


oh... did you mean I didn't understand you? the "..." sounds sad or dissapointed. 

Hi Christin, don't worry so much sweetie: you did understand Astrid. You see, I've told you that if you had any question, someone would be ready to respond! :D English is a tricky language, isn't it? It's nice to know that you actually care what Michael sings! Well, take care Christin. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

You are so lovely to me! Thank you very much!

Hey Christin, no problem sweetie. I can understand being new on the forum and since English is not your first language, it can be confusing, so just do your best. There are fans from all over the world here, but somehow, we find ways to communicate and understand each other. :D Take care Christin. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Wow Astrid...I couldn't have said it better!!! That is how Michael habitually writes now isn't it? Can I Touch You There or Said I Loved You But I Lied come to mind among many others with connotative verses. That is our Michael.....complex and intense!!! lol  LOVE his songs!!

And welcome to the forum Christin!!! Please join us for all things Michael!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Love your interpretation Astrid and agree with you Kathy about Michael's "use of words" and can I just add my tuppence worth and say Christin that with Michael's use of the word "gone" it is not meant in the true meaning of "gone away"; having left;  it is being used in the slang way for the English language as in gone meaning "in love" so if you use that interpretation he is saying "he hopes it is too late because you are in love"......if you are "gone" over anything you love it and think it is wonderful and as I say it is "slang" but it is used very much now in the English language and is pretty commonplace that the fact that it is "slang", I feel, has almost been forgotten !! ;)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I see. So there is much I have to learn about the englisch language.. not easy

Every language has its "own second meaning language" Christin. Just ask for clarification and hope we can help!!! 

Now the Wee One from Scotland correcting the yankees is mighty funny indeed! But you are correct about "too far gone" meaning too far in love to return to the pre-love state. Ahhhhhhh.....love :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob 


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