Hello All.  I was just hoping some of the more knowledgable amongst us might have some answers to some of my random Michael Bolton questions.

Question 1:
I've read some place that at its peak, Michael had a vocal range of E2-E6.  Can anyone confirm?  Have any examples of songs where he hits these extreams, or if not, which song (studio or live) has his highest and lowest recorded notes?  Anybody know what his current range is? 

Question 2:
Is it true that Michael is deaf in one ear? 

Question 3:
I know Michael was into  Shotokan Karate in his younger days.  Does he still take lessons or practice?  Does he have any belts (if that form even has belts)?


ummm..... I think thats it for the moment :).  Anybody else have  wierd questions?

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Thank you all!

Every one is so nice!

Most welcome Christin!! We enjoy all your input as well. The more the merrier :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob 


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