Not to have to root through the Rubbermaid Shrine to find old video of things like this...


You could see a tour being born here lol.

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I love this her face and she says "I love it when you do that" when he sings the high note. I noticed you didn't add it to the videos on the site so I added for those not checking the forum! There were so many good appearances and songs that have happened over the years. I love remembering them all.
I never tire of this song, its just so beautiful isnt it and Wynonas voice is just so deep and emotive.

Thank you for sharing this Debs.

Love Jennifer XXX

PS Debs, what is Rubbermaid?
Hi Jennifer, I never know if you're kidding or not... :) If you don't know, Rubbermaid is a company that makes all kinds of very resistant plastic products: storage bins and such. They're the best! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
That performance still gives me goose bumps!
I was actually looking for something else when this popped up instead lol. Now I'm looking through my files for my audio file of the two of them bantering back and forth before their duet at one of the tour dates in 98'. She said something about three Judd women being too much and he said it wasn't a problem and then Wy said, "well you couldn't handle my sister" and he replied "actually, I didn't have any trouble at all handling your sister". They would basically get on stage and insult each other...loved it LOL.
Deb, thanks for sharing. That tour in 1998 was so much fun. I remember that banter back and forth and she always got him good. In Camden she brought a fan up on stage with them and MB about died.. He was so shy about it and she just wouldn't let up.. I loved the duet, It Takes Two they did. We enjoyed her set so much too that tour!!!
Hi Deborah, thanks so much for posting this! The way they sing it, don't you just want to spoonfeed it to your brain again and again? Thanks again! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Wow! This brings back some great memories AND those black leather pants!.....hard to believe it's been that long ago. They were a hoot when they toured together, too.



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