Hello everyone, J.P. DeLaire dropping by to say hello.  I will be performing in Holland over the next 3 weeks with the singer Oleta Adams and I wanted to share that Info. Drop by and say hi if you can. Peace and Love, JPD


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What's up baby?.


Happy to see you over here. I wish you all the best. Have much fun in Holland and life will bring you all the good things you deserve for being such a marvelous human being.


Miss ya!!!.

Rocio from Spain

Hey Roccio, How are you sweetheart?  Great to hear from you!  xo JP
You are certainly doing the rounds Jp.Love Oletas song "get here".One of my favorites.Let me know if you drop by Ireland and i will catch the show.Best of luck xx

Great that you come to Holland!!  Will try to get tickets for the show in Scheveningen!

Warm greetings,


Nicolette from Holland.

Hi Nicolette,


Hope you are successful in getting tickets .....bet it will be a great show.....enjoy!  Have FUN!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hey JPD,


Thank you for swinging by. Its great to hear about your gig with Oleta Adams. I believe that she is a classically trained singer? Like me!


Wow!! I can just picture the concert and oh my goodness, its going to be amazing!! Are you keyboarding and saxing it on stage for her?


I so wish I could get there, but sadly  it will be impossible for me. Do you have anyone who can VT it and load to your site? I'd love to hear you and Oleta together.


Take care Big Guy!!


Till next we meet!


Love Jennifer XXXX





Hey Jenn, yep I am playing Sax, Keys and singing, just like with Michael's Band.  I hope you are well!!! xo JP

ciao GRANDISSIMO J.P. DeLaire è davvero una meravigliosa sorpresa sentirti sul forum.

ti faccio tantissimi auguri per il tuo tour in olanda.

un grande saluto da cristina .


Ciao Christina, ti ringrazio per gli auguri gentile! Mi manca essere in contatto con i fan di Michael Bolton. Cercherò di restare in contatto di più. Tutti i migliori, Jason Love


what a great news, I love Oleta Adams (I have 1 CD at home) and you have always been a very very good musician !!! Frankly, I have oved the old Michael´s band much more than the new one !!!! But do not tell to anybody :-))

Have a nice time in Europe,

Ivana from the Czech Republic

Hey YOU!!!!!


All the best for the concerts in Holland and thanks for your message here!!!

Hi Jason, I hope more former band members follow your lead and become forum members. Listen, I don't know if you plan to post on and off here because it sounds like this is possibly a one-shot promo deal, but I was thinking: as long as you're promoting yourself, maybe you could upload a few of your own songs on your profile page? Some fans have a variety of music on here. Hey, it's free publicity! :D I've only met you for a few seconds after a concert in '04, but everyone confirmed my first impression that you seemed like a really nice guy, so it's good to know you're busy and doing well. Take care sweetie and enjoy your tour with Oleta. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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