Can you see this picture?


I'm having trouble uploading pictures (Trouble, she says?? I'm having a mega stress out here!!!! Ha Ha!!) .

I think it might be IE9 causing the problem. Typical isnt it? I thought it was my virus software, so I bought a new application for all of my pcs' and its still doing it, so it can only be IE9


This is the only one of my PC's that doesnt have IE9 because its too old and would probably have a complete breakdown if I tried to install it!!


Let me know if you can see it ok. I can see it, but with my luck today, you probably cant!!


Has anybody else has problems with IE9? I'm finding that its slowing my pc down a lot. I'm going to try chrome for a while, see how I get on with that.


Jennifer XX

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Bonjour Caroline, go to this page sweetie and see if you can find the instructions to help you:

there are instructions in the initial post to tell you how to upload pictures. Good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Rebonjour Caroline, I'm glad to hear you've finally succeeded sweetie! I'm sure your pictures are wonderful, but I'm afraid I forgot to mention I was blind! lol I do hope other people who visit your page enjoy them though. Take care Caroline and have a great day! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Just popped over to your page Caroline to see photos but, unfortunately, you have it set on a private setting, therefore, no one can view it unless they are friends with you and unless you request friendship from people no one can request it of you !


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

we can see if once we click continue ansd it's a autographed photo of our beloved michael,nice by the way.

Hi Jennifer, 

I remember when you showed me the strange things your laptop was doing to this site!

I don't have a windows laptop, after many stressful window related problems I switched sides and now use a Macbook, which for me is trouble free! My dad has a windows laptop and we have had to reinstall the whole system twice after a virus from the ads on a news site infected the laptop.Both times whilst using Internet explorer (not sure which version) so i installed dad firefox and chrome and made chrome the default browser, I was going to remove IE completely but  you  will still need IE for windows update, I found it would not show me windows updates in the other browsers.

So Jennifer, the solution to this is remove all shortcuts to IE, and make another browers default and thus you will have less headaches and less sleepless nights!




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