Ok has anyone heard of a game called Imagin Iff? It is really a very funny game. The game card will ask a question and there are 6 answers to choose from, each person chooses one of the six. Which ever number is picked the most, those players win. For example if I were to say...Imagine if Shannon was going camping, which would she consider the most essential? 1)Bug Spray, 2)Compass, 3)S'mores, 5)Bar of Soap, 6) Directions to the nearest hotel...then all of you would pick one of those numbers, and lets see which number gets picked the most. No there is no proze, I just thought this would be fun.


So Ok so Imagine if Michael were a dessert. Which would he be?

1) Angel Food Cake

2) Cheesecake


4)Death by Chocolate

5)Strawberry Frozen Yougart

6)Vanilly Pudding


Lets see which number gets picked the most. 


Love, Shannon xoxo



Ok, it looks like Cheesecake is the winner for this round!!!!


If Michael was a dessert he would be Cheesecake!!!


Love, Shannon xoxo

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lol Thanks Juliet, that's hilarious! Sounds like a cake my friend made me for my birthday a few years back, thanks for letting me know sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada P.S.: Still not changing my mind about the cheesecake!
Juliet, a question

the cake Death by Chocolate is similar ( from the same family) to the Chocolate Fudge Cake?

because I love the Chocolate Fudge Cake and when I come on holiday in U.K. I want always a piece of it!

cheesecake! yessssss!

Hello Shanon, My first ide is for the Numbder 5 because i like strawberries, but i like cheese too : it's difficult to choice !!!!! But i think now, i prefer cheesecacke... The first cake i don't know what it is, the 3 too and the 4 i never eat it !!! Thank's for this funny joke... Have a good day Bye BD
Ok maybe I should have put chocolate angelfood cake as one of them, lol!!!

Love, Shannon xoxo
You could have listed Tiramisu,
Because Michael is the 'cream of the crop" and all us ladies would love to have our 'fingers" stacked up on him, and the "coffee" would surely keep us going, to lick the "chocolate" LOL and a 'strawberry" just for garnish.
Or to feed to Michael... Thanks for the game so the winner is cheesecake, I like it too.



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