Hi all the Sydney concert was awesome :) State Theater is quite posh and i got in trouble a few times for stuff LOL.

anyway Michael was brillant and funny and perfect :)


The only thing i didnt like was being stuck in a chair half the night when i wanted to stand up and bop :)

But after when a man loves a woman we all went forward, i jumped up quite to keep my front row spot even got a lil closwer to centre :)

I was in Heaven he sang my 2 songs i wanted to hear live off the new album, Hope its too late and Murder my heart :)

BTW Michael if you read this, Hope its too late is too boppy to be sitting for :) it should be in the 2nd bit where we are standing against the stage trying to grab your legs :)


Ok what can i remember off my head that was sung?


Soul provider, thats life, New York New York, said i loved you but i lied, time love and tenderness, how can we be lovers, Georgia, when a man loves a woman (in the crowd) steal bars, to love somebody, Go the distance, Nessun Dorma (standing Ovation!) and of course Murder my heart and Hope its too late as i said above :)


He said they would do requests and of course someone yelled take your shirt off to much cheering LOL, he asked what kind of show do you think this is? and someone way back yelled out show us your D**k LOL OMG! Michael said its a good thing i cant hear everything people yell out, well handled Michael!

It was funny i have to admit, but a bit shocking :)


The sax player married an aussie from Melbourne and Michael made a comment saying theres something about Aussie women, Oh boy the crowded LOVED that comment :)


His voice is as perfect as when i saw him 16 years ago :)


when they went before the encore we were cheering and chanting and i started banging and drumming on the stage very hard and fast, alot joined in, it hurt your hands and by the time they came back, but my thumbs were very sore and i regretted doing it as i was worried id crack the bone in both thumbs, but 3 hours later its just a little tender, but ok :)


i filmed how am i supposed to live without you (sorry Michael) :) and did a few very brief clips from the odd song until i got in trouble again :) but got lots of pics will post them on facebook then link it asap.


what i got in trouble over was touching the entry doors which are heritage listed apparently, then we went in and i got in trouble for taking pics of the Heritage listed building (OMFG!) then i got in trouble for using a flash for photos even though it WASNT me, which i let her know, i dont think this chick liked me for some reason!

But i NEVER use flash at concerts and my flash has to be manually lifted!

Then i got in trouble for filming little bits (fair enough) :)  below is 2 photos i took


Anyway thankyou Michael and crew for a brillant night, PLEASE come back soon xx

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I don't quite understand you all here, we share pictures and what now? Why the theft? Are people taking pics and selling them to others? I love to share any good photos that I can of Michael, which are very few because I admit I am not good with a camera. Why do others claim they took them? What's the purpose of taking photos and posting them for others to veiw here. if it's going to creat a problem? I always like seeing others taken of Michael and posted here and wouldn't think of ever saying I took it if I hadn't. Ahh, people need to grow up. Stop being greedy, and just enjoy the shareing!!!

Get the F__k real!

You are so right Kellie. We should be able to share our photographs without the fear of plageurism from others shouldnt we.

I take photographs of Michael and the band for my own personal memory and use, but also becasue I love to share them with others on here. I likwe to share anything I have with other Michael fans.

I have no objection to other fans using the photographs, but it is when they put their own name onto them as if they took them that really bothers me.

Last november myself and another fan took over 700 photos between us at the Royal Albert hall using our professional SLR cameras which require a certain amount of skill to use and to hide from the venue 'camera police' Ha Ha!! We shared them with anyone who wanted them on our facebook pages. (sharing them in this way wont allow anybody to save them to their own pc in the best 'high quality' format in which they were taken, but they can add them to their own Facebook album in a lower quality and rename them as theirs)

I had already decided to put some of my own high quality photographs from this concert and from previous concerts onto DVD to try and sell to raise money for the UK fan reception. Fans would be able ot use these images as wallpapers or print them in A3 size (poster size) for their own use etc...

However, another fan stole my photos and claimed them as ther own and added them to their facebook album claiming that they took them!! Even after asking them nicely to delete them they still insisted that they took them or their friend had taken the even though I could prove they were mine.

This made it impossible to sell them as my own copyright free images and the photo dvd's I had already made were useless!!

Luckily, in the end she saw sense and deleted them from her facebook page so I am now in the process of making a few more DVD's to sell. I will never forgive this person for betraying my friendship in this way!

Also, a couple of the images I took of Nelson were used in a guitar catalogue and by his guitar company for his profile image on their website.

Its a sad world when we cant openly share our images without fear of someone else labelling them as if they took them.

I will continue to share my images, but will place a copyright text across the ones I am particulalry proud of.

I'd be proud to own any of your photographs sweetie, infact, indeed I am proud to own a couple of yours arent I? Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
OMG Jennifer some people are just dumb, glad they saw the light and backed off, and dont get why people would want to take credit for something they didnt do , do you still have your pics displayed anywhere would love to have a quick peak.

oh and anyone wanting to add me on facebook, im Raideress under the name Kim Magee
You are right in one sence, that we allow to share the ones we want, but always copywright the ones to be used for sale of any kind, same goes with songs or other material that is to be given to other Artist's to use to thier advantage for sale. But no one should ever take what is not theirs to use on this site or any Facebook site or the like, and call it theirs if it isn't, so you are lucky this so called friend backed off this time...
Remember I forwarned you when it came to the guitar catalogue... You should be payed. Be more careful sweetie, if you intend to make a sale. You yourself, could be accused of the same infringement, even if they are yours! Do you got me? Always copywright what you intend to sell.

yeah earlier i said as long as no one sues me for using my photos, geez never imagined anyone ever trying, but now i have to wonder :(
Hi Kim
Thank you !!! for sharing us your great review,pics and video
Take care
Thanks sooo much Kim for the review and the pics... Michael (according to his last blog) is going to come back there soon, I am sure... how could he be apart from such a great audience/fans again for so much time???!!!! Thanks!!!!
your welcome guys, wish i could have streamed the concert live for everyone, but pics i could do :)


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