I was having trouble with the MB Dates Added thread going to the last page so I'm thinking it is at it's limit so starting this new thread.

5/14/13 Updated*


You are going to find a number of things on the web and on band member's websites before I announce, or they end up in the Tour section here, or MB's official Facebook and I want to explain why.  Michael's management and tour people start setting things up and working with promoters and venues most times a long time before we hear about them. There are logistics that have to be worked out as well as schedules, deposits, agreements, etc that are all signed and ok'd before Michael's people consider them confirmed.  The band member's may put them on their websites also before we do because they are given the dates while they are being worked on, so they will hold those dates in their busy schedules as well. A lot of the band do other gigs when they aren't with Michael so they are asking them to hold those dates.  Promoters and venues sometimes post before all is confirmed on Michael's end as well because they want to get the word out and tickets sold but sometimes that works against them and most of us have seen that happen when a concert doesn't work out and tickets have to be refunded or taken down with no explanation. Most of the times the ones you find on websites of the venues or band member's sites do work out but because there is the chance they might not until all i's are dotted we don't post on the main page until it is!!

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Thanks for the latest MB concert info Gail! Sally maybe the Performing Arts Center will open up some tickets to the general public for a lower price? I know the Performing Arts Center in Palm Springs opened up some seats at the last minute once they knew the members weren't going to attend. That is how I bought front row tix ust days before Michael's concert a couple of years ago in Palm Springs. Just a thought :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

The public is Friday, Wednesday and Thursday is the member sale. We just have to see what's left!

Oh ok Sally.....I never bought my tix when the first sale went out because I didn't want to pay big bucks for a lousy seat so I decided to wait about a week before the show to buy a tix. But if you buy early at least you are guaranteed a seat :) Will the venue exchange your tix for a better seat if a member decides to not go? That is a possibility also :) 

Thanks for that information Sally and if venue suits you hope on Friday, when they go on sale to public, you get good seats !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Here is link into page which gives you details on sale of tickets for Mayo PAC


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I just want 1 concert!! So instead I will live my excitement via any of you fans getting tickets!!! Crossing fingers for all of you!! Sylvia are you going to the Loose Women show?

Kathy and LAFD Bob

No Kathy too far and too costly especially with April coming up.  If it had been in Manchester I would have considered driving down but even then for the short time his segment will be on the show it's a long haul.  I'll wait till April  !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.


That is true Sylvia. I wasn't sure if MB had other appearances near that time in the area and you were going to bundle a Bolton Adventure!!! Woohoo....at least April is booked for you ;)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

hi Sylvia hope you are well.  I pop in and catch up on the forum and enjoy reading everyone's posts . there's still no  news on Michaels concerts in the uk.in April yet, the suspense is killing me (I bet its the same for you) Do you think Gail will post the dates before they go on sale or how will we know? regards Olly(olive)

Do not worry Olive Gail will post the information as soon as she is able to and rest assured it will be before they go on sale.  She will make sure we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the big event of buying all those tickets !!! LOL   Seriously Olive, do not worry for Gail will post all the info in plenty of time and rest assured I'll have the details out everywhere as soon as she has posted it !!! lol

Settling down to watch the rugby now ... don't know who to cheer for tonight but hope it is a good game !!! :) 

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks ever so much Sylvia, you are kind, and you've put my mind at rest, cheer for Wales please us Celts should stick together.

Regards Olive (Welsh friend)

Yep as soon as I get any info at all about UK dates I'll post here and on main page of this site.  Nothing yet though.


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