I was having trouble with the MB Dates Added thread going to the last page so I'm thinking it is at it's limit so starting this new thread.

5/14/13 Updated*


You are going to find a number of things on the web and on band member's websites before I announce, or they end up in the Tour section here, or MB's official Facebook and I want to explain why.  Michael's management and tour people start setting things up and working with promoters and venues most times a long time before we hear about them. There are logistics that have to be worked out as well as schedules, deposits, agreements, etc that are all signed and ok'd before Michael's people consider them confirmed.  The band member's may put them on their websites also before we do because they are given the dates while they are being worked on, so they will hold those dates in their busy schedules as well. A lot of the band do other gigs when they aren't with Michael so they are asking them to hold those dates.  Promoters and venues sometimes post before all is confirmed on Michael's end as well because they want to get the word out and tickets sold but sometimes that works against them and most of us have seen that happen when a concert doesn't work out and tickets have to be refunded or taken down with no explanation. Most of the times the ones you find on websites of the venues or band member's sites do work out but because there is the chance they might not until all i's are dotted we don't post on the main page until it is!!

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OXFORD tickets are NOW on sale through www.atgtickets.com for Michael's tour on 9th February.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Just sharing pic a girl, Sylvia Mitchell, has posted to FB of her Platinum VIP ticket for Liverpool for Michael's upcoming February tour and it details what is included.  The ticket site still has not got up the price structure but hopefully by tomorrow it will be there for each venue and each category.  As said on FB please be aware this is for Liverpool therefore might be slight differences for other venues, i.e. maybe time of M&G etc although really don't believe there will be any difference but just in case don't take this as gospel for all venues.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Just managed to order mine for Manchester:)   I'm sooooo happy :)   di xx

Great to see you on here Diane and so, so pleased you are going to Manchester and get chance to see MB, so happy for you !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Sylvia, Have you thought of going to one of the theatres mentioned?  You get on well with Michael and I'm sure he'd love to see you again :)  Give it some thought and if I can help in any way, please let me know.

di xx

Popping on with another up date regarding tickets for Michael's tour of UK and Promoter has now got message posted up on ticket sale site explaining a bit more about ticket categories and what is offered in each as well as more info on format of show itself.  Have to say they still have not got up full information on packages because even the lowest priced seats come with something which I believe is a box of chocolates, welcoming drink at theatre and a gift.  The two top priced categories of Platinum VIP and Premium VIP/Gold offer photo opportunity with Michael and Platinum VIP also has M&G.  The Platinum M&G will take place pre-show and Premium/Gold after show.  Here is notice which is now on ticket site.

An Audience With Michael Bolton - My Life Story Overview

Kong Events and Goldstar Promotions are pleased to exclusively announce an audience with multiple Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and Social Activist, Michael Bolton

In this one to one interview Michael will personally take the audience through the highs and lows of his fantastic career in music. This will be a special evening for all Michael Bolton fans and all music fans interested to hear the story of an artist who pushed himself to the top of his genre.
An Audience With Michael Bolton – My Life Story will be hosted in a talk show style format as a spoken word event, with maybe a few surprises!
Platinum tickets include a Meet and Greet with Michael.
Gold tickets include a Photo opportunity with Michael. 
Platinum and Gold tickets include a professionally taken photograph (6x9") to take home at the end of the evening.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks Sylvia  for the info. I really don't have a clue what I've ordered, I think it's instinct to see a MB ticket available and go for it!!    Besides I need to catch up, I've missed out on a lot!  Did I mention how excited I am??  I can't stop grinning, to the worry of my neighbours :D   I'll stop now, let someone else post. Take care Sylvia,  di xx

I don't   know if I have posted this one. It isn't on the updated list management sent me so not sure but checking.

April 4

Arcadia Theater

St. Charles, IL

Tickets are on sale


No Gail not posted yet and NOT lost in the "jungle" above !!! lol   It was Golden Nugget one at Lake Charles on 23rd March you last posted..... just in case some haven't seen that because it is lost in the jungle.

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend


Here is link to a short promotional video Michael has made for the upcoming UK "An Audience With Michael Bolton - My Life Story" tour in February.  Video was sent to me as an MP4 and all I could do was download it and then transfer to my FB page which has then created the URL.  


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Saw this yesterday! Thanks Sylvia! Having been away with work this week, I'm just getting onto the ATG website and notice Oxford is almost sold, with Platinum and Gold gone. Woking, however, isn't available? Is this sold out? 

I can see Woking, James, with plenty of good seats still available.  Try searching on An Audience with Michael Bolton rather than the theatre or town name.

Margaret in Kent


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