I was having trouble with the MB Dates Added thread going to the last page so I'm thinking it is at it's limit so starting this new thread.

5/14/13 Updated*


You are going to find a number of things on the web and on band member's websites before I announce, or they end up in the Tour section here, or MB's official Facebook and I want to explain why.  Michael's management and tour people start setting things up and working with promoters and venues most times a long time before we hear about them. There are logistics that have to be worked out as well as schedules, deposits, agreements, etc that are all signed and ok'd before Michael's people consider them confirmed.  The band member's may put them on their websites also before we do because they are given the dates while they are being worked on, so they will hold those dates in their busy schedules as well. A lot of the band do other gigs when they aren't with Michael so they are asking them to hold those dates.  Promoters and venues sometimes post before all is confirmed on Michael's end as well because they want to get the word out and tickets sold but sometimes that works against them and most of us have seen that happen when a concert doesn't work out and tickets have to be refunded or taken down with no explanation. Most of the times the ones you find on websites of the venues or band member's sites do work out but because there is the chance they might not until all i's are dotted we don't post on the main page until it is!!

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You are welcome Sylvia. I would go for it if it's doable for you.. I am sorry the other one you were attending was cancelled.

Robin in MD :)

Thanks for posting Gail.  According to Kong's post they're not including Manchester at all now!  Liverpool's too far for me to go, it would cost way too much.

Okay, will see if I can get any money back.  Thank you for posting.


For some reason I had an uncertain feeling about the event from the start. Yesterday morning I booked a hotel room, but with a zero cost to cancel before 6 Feb so I am not out of pocket.  I will just have to find some meaningful way of using the two days holiday midweek I can't recover.  I will keep the seat for November but can't totally be sure I will have the funds for hotel and travel then to attend.  I find the extra dates decision very odd, when so many seats were unsold in the venues this time around, unless the advertising campaign is to be stepped up for November.

Margaret in Kent.

The contact info has changed to the venue as Sylvia posted after me.  I know some have called and the venues aren't aware yet but hopefully this will all change shortly. I've also gotten questions on the technical reason because of no band, etc they couldn't understand.  I asked and this is the response I was given and may help some.

"it’s an interactive multi-media experience so there were several technical issues trying to get it set up right"

Thanks so much for finding out further info for us Gail, thank you !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hi Sylvia,

i looked at Liverpool as alternate, but Saturday night and hotels all ready looking booked or premium price , so not an option. 

sad news indeed I don't think I'll be able to come back in Nov. 

Silvy x

For information Kong Events have changed wording on announcement they have placed on their FB page and have decided to put on here in case anyone comes on for information before Gail is able to get back on due to time difference.  Have sent all details to Gail.   Main change to announcement is that Kong Events are now asking you to make contact with ATG VENUE you purchased tickets from, NOT them, for refunds, exchanges, etc.  Here is Kong Events announcement .....


Kong Events extends sincerest apologies to Michael Bolton fans who have already purchased tickets to “My Life Story” events scheduled between Feb 7-14, 2018. Due to technical issues delaying production we have had to reschedule these events to November. We would be happy to honor your tickets for the new dates or provide a full refund.

For those of you holding tickets to The New Victoria Woking on Feb 7th, the new date is November 12th.

For those of you holding tickets to The New Theatre Oxford on Feb 9th, the new date is November 14th.

For those of you holding tickets to the Manchester Opera House on Feb 11th, we do not yet have a new date in Manchester and will provide a full refund.

For those of you holding tickets to The Liverpool Empire on Feb 12th, the new date is November 10th.

For those of you holding tickets to The Sunderland Empire on Feb 14th, we do not yet have a new date in Sunderland and will provide a full refund.

Two new venues have been added to the November tour, and the complete current schedule is as follows:

Liverpool Empire Theatre - Nov 10
Woking New Victoria Theatre - Nov 12
New Theatre Oxford Nov 14
Aylesbury Waterside Theatre - Nov 16
New Wimbledon Theatre - Nov 18

Kong Events truly regrets any inconvenience this may have caused but we look forward to producing Michael Bolton’s “My Life Story” in November this year and hope that you will join us in this unique up-close-and personal conversation with the legendary artist. Accompanied by photographs and footage, the dynamic evening will reveal the highs and lows of a boy’s climb to stardom and the dreams he achieved as a man.

Please contact the ATG venue you booked tickets with for ticket refunds, exchanges, purchases and for more information.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks Sylvia.  To be frank, I would expect ATG to contact ME with the news and options rather than the other way around.  It was all booked on line, and there must be loads of people booked who don't come here or regularly visit Michael's Facebook page to inform. However, it is Sunday, and maybe tomorrow they will make contact. They clearly don't know because they are still selling tickets!

Margaret in Kent.

Get your point Margaret and definitely not 100% sure how it will work and suppose in some respects does depend into which category you fall whether your venue is rescheduled or one that is cancelled and which option you want to take.  As you say we are now into new working week and hopefully everything will get ironed out ASAP.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Wanted to let people know, on here, who are not on Twitter or FB that Michael was on Twitter last night answering fans questions to do with the cancellation.  Firstly, want to say it was very, very, apparent Michael is more than upset at the cancellation and is quite devastated to think and know he has upset so many loyal fans so deeply.  Below tweet was in answer to a fan who had asked for reassurance that cancellation was nothing to do with health and here is Michael's reply:

"Thanks for asking yes I am ok! There are audiovisual production elements the producers unfortunately were not ready for. It’s a new format for me and I want it to be nothing less than great! I have concert tours in November in UK followed by the Conversation dates!!"

A lot of responses to other tweets were along similar lines in saying he wants to put on nothing but the best of shows for his fans but was unable, in his heart, to feel he could do at this present time and therefore, is giving himself and production team time to get the complete show to the highest of highest standards they can achieve.  Michael definitely hopes to make these shows, not only thoroughly enjoyable but exceptionally memorable too and here are a couple of other tweets, from him, which believe sum up the man we all love and will continue to do so,

"It’s always disappointing to me when events get rescheduled. There are many variables that go into making a great experience happen. Hopefully people will understand the intention is always to deliver fans nothing less than great."

"My management and especially me would never do anything to disappoint my fans"

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hi Sylvia and Others!

Has anyone had any joy with refunds for cancelled shows! ? I have been told it hasn’t been confirmed yet so not able to get refund yet? Would have gone to Liverpool if hadn’t been on a Saturday and all hotels either booked or premium rate , as every Saturday is!



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