I was having trouble with the MB Dates Added thread going to the last page so I'm thinking it is at it's limit so starting this new thread.

5/14/13 Updated*


You are going to find a number of things on the web and on band member's websites before I announce, or they end up in the Tour section here, or MB's official Facebook and I want to explain why.  Michael's management and tour people start setting things up and working with promoters and venues most times a long time before we hear about them. There are logistics that have to be worked out as well as schedules, deposits, agreements, etc that are all signed and ok'd before Michael's people consider them confirmed.  The band member's may put them on their websites also before we do because they are given the dates while they are being worked on, so they will hold those dates in their busy schedules as well. A lot of the band do other gigs when they aren't with Michael so they are asking them to hold those dates.  Promoters and venues sometimes post before all is confirmed on Michael's end as well because they want to get the word out and tickets sold but sometimes that works against them and most of us have seen that happen when a concert doesn't work out and tickets have to be refunded or taken down with no explanation. Most of the times the ones you find on websites of the venues or band member's sites do work out but because there is the chance they might not until all i's are dotted we don't post on the main page until it is!!

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This is a new date showing up...not on Michael's site as of right now but seems legit and hopefully will be up shortly:

April 12
Northern Quest REsort & Casino
Airways Heights, WA


Thanks once again Gail for keeping us posted :) 

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Thanks Gail! So much going on..Thanks for keeping us all informed!!

Robin in MD:)

Thanks for that information Gail and that is making the calendar look interesting !!! :)   Off topic but I used to have a little penpal that came from Spokane, Beverley Sticklemeyer, and I often think of her and wonder what happened to her.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Sylvia, brought this to my attention and I have not got the confirmation on it but don't want anyone to miss out.  It is:


American Express Presents an Evening with Michael Bolton

February 12

Los Angeles, CA

Tickets are on sale today through 1/31 for American Express people it seems



Will post again with a confirmation when I get it

I think I will move to New England or California, LOL......thanks for all the info, Gail.

All who are going to these concerts and book signings have a great time!!!!!!


Kahy T. ;-)

Very very interesting Gail....lol Thank you so much :)))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hi there:

This has been posted in FB.... we still don't have the confirmation. Gail will be offline for some days (nothing bad)... I will try to confirm about it if I can. Thanks!!!


Thanks for handling this Pilar...Its much appreciated by us.

Robin in MD:)

Also glad to hear Gail's absence is for carrying on with her own life and nothing bad....and thanks Pilar for carrying the torch for a bit :)))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thank you Pilar,

This looks like a spectacular event, hope all that attend will let us know all about it.


Thanks for up date Pilar, much appreciated !!!! :)    Should let you know that apart from fact I posted this one to MBATW saying that it still wasn't confirmed I did also post the one about the show from Las Vegas on 8th February stating too that that obviously wasn't confirmed but as you can already book stay and therefore, get tickets to show, felt only right to put out.

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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