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I'd rather read the article without translation;))))))))))in Russian...lol


Oh...Michael Bolotin, right did your grandmother, grandfather, that left Russia..In Russia it is very difficult to be talented.Need money and personal communications.A lot of envy.....:((

Hi Olga!

Michael's family is from Ukraina. I read once that there used to be a whole village called Bolotin, and everybodys family-name, there was Bolotin!!??

Did You know that..Helene Fischer, she sings 'Make You Feel My Love' with MB in his cd, Gems...has born in Siberia and she can also speak Russian!!

I've read so much about Siberia, have always wanted to go by train...all the way from St. Petersburgh...and thru Siberia!!

Greetings from Your neighber country, Finland!


Hi Jaana and Olga....I had to add my story here because this all sounds so familiar. My paternal grandparents are from the same city as Michael's paternal grandparents...which is the city of Minsk. My grandfather's name (hence my maiden name) is Taranda and there is a city of Taranda in Estonia on the coast right across the ocean from Finland. So perhaps there is or was a city named Bolotin!!!! It is no doubt a small world ladies :)) Jaana have a fabulous concert!!!!! I can't wait for your review!! And WELCOME Olga....hope you can join us often for ALL things Michael :))))

Kathy and LAFD Bob  

Hi, Jaana!

I read somewhere that Michael's ancestors came from Kiev.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.Today Ukraine is an independent state,but 20 years ago, Ukraine was part of the USSR,we were in one state.And 100 years ago, Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire and subordinate to the Russian Tsar.Ukraine called Little Russia (Малороссия).Russian and Ukrainian people are brothers, the Slavic group of very close, almost one.My grandmother came from Ukraine to Siberia in the early 20th century,because in Siberia was a lot of land and a lot of freedom.So I'm very few Ukrainian:))

Surname "Bolotin"-Russian,comes from the Russian word for "swamp"(болото).But,in an interview to Russian TV, Michael told that his ancestors spoke Yiddish at home.The Russian Jews;).It's cool!Mixing of blood brought the world such a wonderful talent, a great voice. that Michael gives us-ordinary people...


I read that Helen P. Fisher was born in Russia,in a beautiful Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.My neighbor :)

Russian land gives talents for the world!!(sorry for my pride;-)))

 Jaana! Welcome to Siberia. In Siberia live beautiful people:sincere, kind, hospitable.Siberia is a large and beautiful region,but civilization has not yet had time to get to some "bear corner" of Siberia,travel is sometimes so extreme harater:)))service is the most primitive, but, environmentally friendly, unspoilt nature and purity.

Again, sorry for my english:)))I studied English at school, many years ago...

Hi Olga and welcome to the forum. Thanks a lot for bringing the link to the article for our Russian friends over here. Take care and hope you enjoy the forum as much as we do! :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi, Sylvie!!

Thank you for your kind words!

You are all very nice ladies :)))))

You're very welcome Olga. :D If you have time to check the forum, you'll see we can have lots of fun here, talking about Michael and his music. If you have any questions, feel free to ask: there's always someone around to help. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Michael will come to Russia? Is it true? I see his name on the poster ...

Hi Olga!

Yes, I think he will come this time to St.Petersburg! (last time he was in Moscow, November 2011).

But, my agent-friend promised to ask about this from his 'Russian contact's'...so if I hear any new's, I try to let You know :)


Hi,  Jaana!!!

Thanks for your answer!;-) My friends live in St. Petersburg. They will be happy to go to a concert by Michael! It's good that Michael does not forget its origins.Bad for me .. I live far away from St. Petersburg:))) I live in Siberia.

Sorry for my English.;)

Olga, that *International Music Festival, White Night's of St.Petersburg*... is in MOSCOW, Ice Palace...not in St. Petersburg!!!

Do You have friends there??



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