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Hi Kathy, as far as I know, Michael is only doing one concert in BC, which is on the west coast. He’s also doing 2 shows in Niagara Falls, but not sure which side of the Falls, U.S. or Canada. The thing is first that I’m not the one driving, and second, money is really tight so we can drive somewhere but can’t really afford the lodging. Back in March, he was only 2 hours away but I couldn’t go. Not Michael’s problem now is it? :D Most often, he goes to that dang Rama Ontario: they seem to love him there, but it’s 8 hours away, as far as CT, as far as we’re concerned. Well, I could be worse off: he did come in April ’09 and other people have waited much longer than a year and a half… When he came last year, it had been over 10 and ½ years between concerts. C’est la vie! Now you have to work on that chartered trip to the RAH: I figure he’ll return next year so you have a few months! Lol Take care Kathy. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hey Kathy, I would be on that jet with ya, let me know LOL!!!! I also can dream, BIG!! I would love to see MB in RAH after all those WONDERFUL reviews!!!
Ok girl....taking reservations!!! Start saving for next year girl.....seriously.... we all can fly like normal folk. I want to soooo bad!!!! Or Michael can find a favorite place here in the states and give us the RAH concert american style!!!! Plllleeeeaaaassssseeee Michael..pretty please please....LOL
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Here is a new one...not on MB's site yet but should be soon:

April 26
Friant, CA
Table Mountain Casino
Tickets go on sale March 21

Thanks Gail...now I have to find out where in the heck Friant California is!!! Who knew we needed a minor in geography to follow Michael on this tour!! LOL I have been up and down the state of California following Michael so what is a few more miles. I missed getting good seats for Modesto....hmmmm...a possibility here!! Friant is near Fresno and google says it will take 4 hours and some minutes. Sounds workable. Have until March 21 to decide :) Thanks again Gail!!!
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Kathy-Good luck with the tickets, they are being sold close to the show time unlike lots of ours six months or more ahead of time. Shoot, I'd do 4 hours in a blink!! :)
Robin :)
Maybe that too Juliet!!!! LOL
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Hi Robin...I am sure I will do it since I missed Modesto. Also Friant is closer than Modesto :) LOL...Did you read Juliet's comment?
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Yeah just saw it!! SHE IS TIRED!!ROFL I would never do that what she typed!!ROFL
Robin :)
hey Sylvie I am so in on that Charter LOL!!!!! Michael dose encourage us to Dream :) you got to love this I am saving up for MBC in CA next year maybe I will have a job by then :) I can't wait for March one week after my birthday nine days after he's we will be together. Well at least in the same room for a little while.
Hey Holly, good luck with your savings and finding a job sweetie. Good to know you can still afford a concert, have fun in March! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hey Sylvie I am trying every penny is pinched I just realized that maybe I was a little insensitive I hope he comes to Canada to see you soon I know what it feels like its been three or for years with the exception of the short MBC shows. So I am thrilled. Hey if I talk to him (yeah like that will happen) I will tell him you miss him :)

Lots of hugs sincerely Holly


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