I will post new concerts in this thread. Hopefully I have set it correctly to be at the top.




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I am quite envious of you Sylvie and the other computer savvy gals here on the forum. i have to get with it!!! I know you were being silly and correct!!! I am more than certain that Holly knows just as much or wouldn't have offered. I am the one outside the loop here :) I'll just wtch and listen and maybe I will learn...lol
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Ah Kathy, quite seriously now, if you have the program “Sound recorder”, recording digital files is easy as “just push play”. All you have to do is know where to plug in the cable. Of course, it’s not mp3 quality, but it’s way better than garbled tapes. BTW, you give me way too much credit girl. My favorite expression concerning computer stuff is: I understand quickly, but you have to explain for a long time! :D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thanks AGAIN Sylvie :) I like your explanation for learning...I will add for me that understanding and explaining take a long time. LOL I think it is because I cheat way too much and have my son and husband always doing tech things for me :) Very bad habit. They always ask why I don't want to learn it and I tell them because I have you both :) I can make them feel special....LOL LOL...just lazy!!!
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Hey Kathy, I have a 15 year old son with that philosophy… :D Oh I have a long way to go but let me tell you something: knowledge is power and independence is the final frontier! :D Well, it is for me anyway… :D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
I can't find where to purchase tickets for your concert on March 5th in Atlantic City??? Can someone help???!!! Thank you!
Hi Leonarda and welcome to the forum. If you go to the main page and click on “Events”, browse through to find your specific event and click on the link to it. It’ll take you to the event page and all the available info about it should be posted there. If nothing is available yet, you can click on the “follow” link to be notified by E-mail when new info is posted, as long as you haven’t disabled E-mail notifications. Hope that helps. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thank you so much for replying!! I followed your instructions but got stuck on finding the "follow" link for updated info. Maybe because I clicked on the link responding that I am attending??!! I have definitely not disabled email notifications so maybe I will get an email. I clicked on the website link and it took me to Caesar's home page and I searched through the site but they had nothing for Michael Bolton for 2011. I am going to call Caesar's today and see if they have more information. I have got to get tickets!!! :) Thanks again for your help!! Lee in NJ
Hi again Leonarda or Lee, well technically, if you’ve responded that you were going, there should be a link that says “stop following” at the bottom. If you didn’t see it, I think you should be notified. Well good for you calling the venue! I think you should definitely write down the exact date and any detail the site has before you call. Sometimes, judging from what people have posted in the past, it seems that venue people are not always completely informed of events, but if you have your facts straight and a source, they’ll have to investigate further for you. Good luck and you’re very welcome! Do report back if you get anywhere. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Sylvie the Solver at work...lol
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Thanks again!I called the box office but they were useless. I did finally find the info as they go on sale Saturday at noon at Ticketmaster. I am now on the mission to find the presale!!! Thank you so much again for your help!

Hi Lee,

If you get any info from Cesar's about the March 5 concert, can you please let us know!! I may also go (and Eileen too) to the show and want to find out when tickets are going on sale, the prices, etc... I have also been on Ceasar's web site and didn't see anything. My guess is tickets will go on sale after the holidays.

Helena from New York
Hi Helena, I checked and the tickets do go on sale on saturday 12/4/10v at 12 noon! Get in touch!!
Love Eileen xoxox


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