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We've gotta find a way to trust

The very best in all of us

Let there be love, let there be love


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oooooooo errrrrr Mrs! Now now juliet, NO HANDS!!!  looooool!!

Oh noo, I wish you could come :( Jennifer, not sure if I will be able to go yet, I have plans with Abena to go in April and if we go then I might not be able to go a second time :( But Abena has not confirmed anything yet (depends on her work situation around the time) also she  may want to go in June as well because she has another family event in Washington, so maybe , just maybe my abena NY trip might happen in June and I just stay longer and make the best of it in one trip!!!! yaaaaaay fingers crossed! Jennifer if I do go, I promise to record you everything, even the moments Juliet wont want the  world to see!!! lol


Im not 100% sure if i will make it either.I have news for you all.Depending on visas etc it looks like i am moving to Florida .Only started to look into things but hoping everything goes to plan so i may have to start saving towards that.Iwill keep you all posted though.xx

I'll sit with you and we will both have very sad faces! :-(



Don't know if I'm going to this show in CT, but if you girls come into New York City to hang out....let me know and maybe we can all meet!




Wow Sharon! That's some news! But I hope we can do this all together! it would be amazing to sit with all of you at the concert! I've never been to a concert with people who feel the way I do about out guy! This will be one time that I would never ever forget! Hope you all come and we can have one big sleepover together! Of course I will have to fake a illness so school thinks I'm sick cause its the week of final exams for our kids! Juliet and Oz and Sharon keep me up on developing plans! PLEASE! Hugs. Love Eileenxoxoxo

I won't be going either : (  

My money will only stretch so far! lol And I've already got tickets to see Bon Jovi on the 25th June in Hyde Park! xxx

Lol ,I doubt it will happen quick.Im checking out visas etc ,will need money in the bank to qualify (i imagine ).Could take a while but its something we want to do.Of course Juliet,you will all be welcome.xx

Great news Sharon, hope all goes to plan for you. You must be well excited!! :)


Love Deb xx

I will be if we can get it sorted.It will be very scary to move where i wont know anyone but im looking on it as an adventure.Ive always been a homebird but it just doesnt feel like home anymore so im taking a risk for once,lol.xx

Wow!!! Sharon!!  This is indeed, very exciting news!!!


I want to come too!!!


Seriously, I really admire the guts that it is taking to make this drastic move...good on you girl!!


Love Jennifer XX



Ah thanks Jenn.We will get you on  a plane ,i swear .We will start on getting you to Dublin then futher afield.I really need all the prayers i can get that we can do this,it is very difficult to get a visa so if we can get this the rest will follow.xx
Hi Sharon, wow, what an adventure that'll be! May I ask why Florida? Is it just because of the weather? That does seem like a drastic change but I guess if you're willing to do it, deep down, you need it... Best of luck to you sweetie! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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