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Thanks :) And I wish I could!!!



That's great Lynn!!  Are you going with Karen? How are your seats?  I had thoughts of trying to go, but will just have to wait for Cherokee I guess!!!  I will be thinking about ya!!


Hey Lynn Way to go.!!!!! You see him right before I do!!!!
Robin in MD

Why do I have this sinking feeling that we are not going to see Michael in the UK this year?


This time last year, the RAH fans had owned our tickets for two months and were planning to buy or Hampton Court tickets too.


I have just about everything I can think of crossed that Michael will come over to the UK this year.


Pssst, dont tell anyone, but I'm even saying a little prayer each night!! Ha Ha!!


Love Jennifer XX

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'm hoping he'll slot us in somewhere at short notice- well, short notice for Michael! In 2007, as well as playing the RAH in April, he played a mini tour in the summer. I think there was only about 3 months between tickets going on sale and the actual tour. That was nice, much better than having tickets in hand for a year! 

Louise xxx

Isn't Michael going to be in England for the fan convention in September?



Hi Helena, The English girls have invited Michael to attend the U.K. fan reception, but he's never attended the one in Connecticut during the time it ran so it's anyone's guess. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Wow Sylvie...I didn't know that!! I thought you all got some face time with Michael after paying top dollar for the benefit tickets!! So you don't get a meet and greet reception with him at his charity event? That would be a little disappointing :/ Hopefully he would reconsider in the future :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Hi Kathy, the fan reception and the gala are 2 different things sweetie. The fan reception in CT was basically for the fans to get together and share about Michael with food, merchandise, raffles, silent and live auctions. I met quite a few of the old band members, Michael’s momHelen, his cousin Kaye  and especially Orrin there. The reception only cost $35 or $40 when I went. My main reason for going was to meet Bolton buddies and because I couldn't afford the gala. Now the gala was $500 and I believe included a cocktail reception prior to that. I frankly have no idea about Michael’s presence or availability during that one. You might want to ask Robin MD though, I think she might have gone. All this to say that Michael hasn’t gone to the get-together for the fans. I had loads of fun there  and great memories none the less. So there you go sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

I was one of the coordinators and then for a couple years the coordinator of the fan reception in Ct. It was never set up to have Michael spend time with us. It was set up because of all the fans that took their time to travel to Michael's annual event to support him.  We wanted to take the time to support his charity and to get together and meet all of those like ourselves who enjoyed Michael's music and to raise a bit of money with the auctions to donate in the fans name. We had a wonderful time and we always had special guests as Sylvie mentioned above.  I got to know a lot of you from these events and so glad I did! 

We were always recognized at the main event but Michael's time during that weekend was spent with his events and with the other celebrities who came to play golf, tennis, softball to help raise money for his charity.  We never expected him to come but he was always invited.


I can't speak for Jennifer and Juliet and don't know what they have planned but do know they have the blessing of MBC and Michael to hold the event.

I did not know that Sylvie...and Gail...thanks. I thought they were one and the same!!! I thought Michael would try to have a small meet and greet at the higher priced events. I know he did when I went to the College of the Canyons charity and it wasn't as high as the $500 event. I took a photo with him and said hi :) I have never attended his CT. charity event due to distance but how super to meet with soooo many BB's!! Maybe I am wrong...but I just assumed he would meet with his fans at the higher priced event. I know he always tries his best!!! :) Thanks for another history lesson Solver and Go To Gail!!!! I never cease to learn something new each day on this forum!! I hope Jennifer does get "lucky" and has a Michael appearance at her get together :) Thanks again ladies for all the info....much appreciated :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I think it is the fact that the CT gala was his main annual event and his time was limited.  He was usually coming in from another event (concert, etc) and came right into the events set up for him to attend to bring in as much money for his charity as he could since at that time this was his main and only fundraising event each year.  It wasn't set up as a fan event but he did accomodate where he could by sending personal items to auction and we started having a contest for an attendee to get free tickets to the big event and the chance to meet him backstage before the event and the golf event had a gallery for a while...until the country club where it was held decided they didn't want to accomodate any longer after a fan attendee made a scene (it is always one who ruins it for all).  They had to think of the security issue at that point.


His mother and her cousin Kay as well as band members and his brother, Orrin, came to represent Michael and themselves at each reception and from the fans that I got to know and talked to at the event each year they would have loved to have had him come but understood why he didn't and were there to support him and his charity and not a meet and greet.


Michael was and is very appreciative of all of his fans and there support of his music, charity and any endeavor he takes on.  He has said it over and over in his blogs and posts and concerts.  Now that the event is being held in CA and in conjunction with Dave Mason there really isn't time for him to participate  in a fan event.  Hope this makes sense to you.  Gail


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