I will post new concerts in this thread. Hopefully I have set it correctly to be at the top.




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Michael will be playing in the Travelers Pro Am June 21-27 in Cromwell, CT

oh wow thanks for the link gail what id give to go back to ct i love it there :)
Thanks Gail, I remembered later this evening I went to a golf event 7 years ago there when he participated. I have my signed ticket here. Time sure flies by.. Wow! Great to see him doing a Pro-Am event there again!!!!!


Thanks for keeping us up to date with new dates added! Hopefully in the NY CT NJ Area!!! Can't wait to see him again!!!!
Love Eileen
I've just noticed a concert on Michael's sites that I didn't have listed and I want to be sure those of you interested have it:

May 21, 2010
AIS Arena
Canberra, Australia

hi gail there is a few concerts that are not listed on the tour section the holland one has got the 9th june and it should be the 10th june
the paris concert is not on there nor the hampton court one i was going to add but did not know if we were allowed so i left it
ok can someone tell me What is going on wIth the tour dates paris Was on here now It has gone :(
Ok..you told me some dates were missing so I fixed them....and so did management so then you had some twice!!! We are all getting used to how this works. They should be fixed now. The date for the Holland concert has now been fixed too. I added the Travelers event and the MBC event in September so you could find the info easier.

Remember when you are looking at concert dates, pictures, videos, etc. click the All button because Michael Bolton Admin is set up as the main contributor but when looking at these items you won't see all that have been added unless you hit the All button. The Paris concert is there because I added it with the ticket info and if you hit All Events it shows up. Gail
ok thank you gail did that and got it up after a fiddle lol .glad that one is still on the list pheww .

Here is a bit more info on two of the Florida dates:

The Lakeland Center - Youkey Theatre
Lakeland, FL
January 19

Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach, FL
January 23, 2011
New date showing:

November 5
Detroit, MI
MotorCity Casino and Hotel


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