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I genuinely don't want to upset any apple carts or cause any confusion.....honestly NOR step on anyones toes BUT I have been looking into tour dates and between MB, Michael Lington and Kelly Levesque the tour out East seems, to say the least, rather confusing and possibly I shouldn't even bother going there BUT.....you all know me, so here goes .....................

difference in tour dates start from 20th October where we have Michael as performing in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia but Michael L is showing Surabaya, Indonesia with 22nd Medan, Indonesia, 24th Makassar, Indonesia and 26th Balikpapan, Indonesia.........but for 26th we have article and also MB's tweet about Singapore and showing tickets went on sale on 6th.   Kelly Levesque is showing one date neither MB nor ML have and that is for 27th at Macao, China.   There are more discrepencies between the three of them as far as dates out East are concerned but I think above enough to be going on with and all I can say is I am glad I am not going and glad too I don't have to work it out.....oh boy.....somebody is needing good Scots porridge for their breakfast or will be when they start tackling that lot  !!! LOL.

NOW onto dates closer to home.....the USA.....both ML and Kelly are showing 25th November, Performing Arts Centre, Emporia, VA but, so far, theatre is not advertising and the same goes for another two dates that both ML and Kelly are showing and they are 14th December, River Spirit Casino, Tulsa, OK and 21st December, Vilar Performing Arts, Beaver Creek, CO BUT there is one date that both ML and Kelly are showing and it is advertised in the Casino's website and it says tickets go on sale on Friday and it is at Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FL, for 4th December and we have no confirmation of that as yet.

As I say I don't want to upset apple carts and I know "i's" and "t's" have to be dotted and crossed before anything can officially be announced on here and I don't blame MB or his admin team for having those rules because when you look at the three websites for the tour out East definitely it would appear that ML and Kelly could have fans looking for concerts that don't exist and I know we have hints and assumptions that certain concerts for Michael will go ahead but with the confliction between, think I can see why they are not official yet, and as I said I am awfully glad I am not trying to sort out.....just hope when the three get on their flights that they are all going to the same place !!!! LOL.

I hope nobody objects to me putting in this information here because it is just, when I have access to, believe it only right to share it !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


OMG Sylvia Riverspirit is 5 miles from my house, OMG YIPPEE and thank you Sylvia for all your reporting. I am shaking so nervous.

Hugs, Kathy T.;-);-);-);-);-)

Remember Kathy T these dates still have to be confirmed by Gail and remember too that, unlike the Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FL date, NONE of the other venues are showing the concerts on their schedules yet but I think could maybe put into the category of "promising" and as I said I don't see why when I find out the information that I shouldn't share on this forum especially when there is one date with sale of tickets being imminent and I for one would hate to think I have such information, don't share, and someone misses out on getting a great seat at beginning of sale.....simple reason of why I share because I would hate to think that something like that could happen to me if MB ever comes to Scotland.

Obviously I hope more than anything that the Tulsa show becomes a reality for you Kathy T.....two when you thought only one.....definitely a great Christmas !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I do wish all that want to go get to go..Just sometimes if it's not a ad from the venue or something, maybe they aren't ready for people to be contacting them and such yet.The band members do put things on their schedules too and sometimes then and the venue may not quite be ready for tix to be sold,.and things may not be confirmed..that's all I was saying. Gail posts when she knows its official..

Good luck Kathy in Tulsa, hope it works out for you. 

Robin in MD:)

Hey Kathy, I jumped too when I read that, but don't get your hopes up before you hear from Gail or call the venue directly, okay? As I've mentionned on another thread, in 2008,  there was a scheduled date for Montreal put up on the site but was taken off shortly after, when it was found out it was a private event. Thank God he did come back 4 months later, but I don't have to tell you how disappointing it was initially. In any case, sit tight! Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Thanks Sylvie and All,

I do have fingers crossed. If weather is bad I might not get to Texas so this would be great. The pattern has been if MB is in Texas he comes to Oklahoma. I have put in several requests here in Tulsa at both venues as I know others have.
We will see and hope for the best for all to have a concert near them.


Kathy T.;-)

Way too confusing for me...yipes!! Crossing fingers for everybody to get a concert near them :)))) I can barely keep with MB's website...lol  And here I am again catching up with the forum posts...lol

Kathy and LAFD

You will be hearing from me over the next few days on some of the new dates...the ones overseas are still not postable yet so there may be some problems as you can see for the date mix ups that Sylvia has found.  That's way official we dont' post on the main site (I may give a hint or someone else may post) until it is straight and confirmed.    The band gets the dates as soon as they start working on them so they can hold the dates...some post as soon as they get them and they could change before it is set.

These two dates were announced this morning..as of the time I put the dates on the website they were not on the venue websites but should be added later today. 

2/18/2013 – Greensburg, PA – The Palace Theatre

Tickets on Sale 10/12 at 10am

2/20/2013 – New Brunswick, NJ – State Theatre

Tickets on Sale 10/12 at 10am

Great news Gail and I believe a few people may just be able to take advantage of and be jumping up and down with those venues.....fun times for 2013 for definite.....terrific !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Gail! Greensburg was a blast last time around!!

Robin in MD:)

Yah, I got front row seats fro the Greensburg, PA show - Not in the middle, but still front row - not bad!!!  I can't wait!!!


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