I will post new concerts in this thread. Hopefully I have set it correctly to be at the top.




We've gotta find a way to trust

The very best in all of us

Let there be love, let there be love


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Ended up getting pretty "fair" tickets finally. 4th row - not bad - can't wait ;) Okay, now he can sign his CD off to me ;o) Have a great summer! Cute picture!
WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! I can't wait! :-D
Gail, I see on ticketmaster that Michael will be at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica MS on Oct 14, 2010! I don't see it on his calendar yet but I am sure happy to see him come back here!
Here is a list of dates that the label has put out in a news release..not all of them are on the site yet so wanted to be sure you guys had them.

Michael Bolton 2010-2011 One World One Love Tour Dates

August 13 Tacoma, WA
August 18 Carmel, CA
August 20 Reno, NV
August 22 Santa Clarita, CA
August 24 Tulsa, OK
August 26 Nashville, TN
August 28 Lake Charles, LA
September 1 Fairpark, TX
September 3 Biloxi, MS
September 4 Biloxi, MS
September 6 Montgomery, AL
September 8 Houston, TX
September 10 Chandler, AZ
September 12 San Diego, CA
September 14 Cerritos, CA
September 16 Lancaster, CA
September 18 Las Vegas, NV
September 20 Los Angeles, CA
September 22 Modesto, CA
September 24 Oroville, CA
September 26 Ojai, CA
September 28 Yountville, CA
September 30 Greeley, CO
October 2 Cheyenne, WY
October 4 Omaha, NE
October 6 Altoona, Iowa
October 8 Santa Ana Pueblo, NM
October 10 Colorado Spring, CO
October 12 Wichita, KS
October 14 Tunica, MS
October 20 Overland Park, KS
October 23 Branson, MO
October 28 Atlanta, GA
November 3 Newark, NJ
November 5 Detroit, MI
January 13 West Palm Beach, FL
January 15 Key Largo, FL
January 17 Miami, FL
January 19 Lakeland, FL
January 21 Sarasota, FL
January 23 Daytona Beach, FL
January 25 Panama City, FL
January 27 Naples, FL
January 29 St. Thomas, VI
February 4 Niagara Falls, ON
February 5 Niagara Falls, ON
Thanks for the update Gail...Looks like Niagara Falls may be in the forseeable future!!!

Oh my God Gail, thanks for posting this!... Since he's going to Niagara Falls, I'll keep my fingers crossed that he comes back up on this side of the border... Thanks for the glimmer of hope! :) Take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thaks Gail, MB really is loading up the schedule!! Wow!
Robin :)
Thanks for the update list! That is great! Looks like he is gonna continue to be one busy man!!
Goodness, thats one or two dates isnt it?

Michael is going to need a loooooooong holiday after this little lot!!

I know the perfect little place for a spot of R & R...my back garden!

It's secluded, has the sun all day and very very quiet.

Whenever you're ready Michael...you have my address.

Love Jennifer XXXX
...and those were just the US dates. Sylvie that Niagara Falls date was on your side of the border...Ontario. Gail
Hey Gail, I know sweetie but I thought it might be a fluke... Still keeping my fingers, eyes and toes crossed! :) Take care and thanks again. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
H Gail..will there be a sale date or pre-sale date or possible M&G for the Niagara Falls shows? Thank you for any help...you're the best!!!


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