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Hehe, yep!! ;-)

We all love reruns with Michael so no harm done!!! lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob


I have just found this:


Not sure about the confirmation... just sharing...

Very interesting Pilar...thanks. It seems Michael does enjoy visiting Russia :)))) Good for him if he performs at this festival...and for his Russian fans!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Sounds interesting Pilar and wish I could get to Russia but seems funny if no confirmation as of yet when the dates are only a couple of weeks away but makes sense when MB will be in Europe next week and then a little hop, skip and jump over into Russia !! :)   Thanks for finding and sharing Pilar !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


This seems to be true!! Florin found this poster/promotion/advertisement! Also an interwiew from Russia about this concert!!


Hi Jaana, you said Florin found an interview from Russia, do you mean an article sweetie? And was that an interview with Michael? Just checking. I wish Florin came in more to this site, although I know he prefers Facebook. Well thanks for the info Jaana, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie!

Sorry, but I do not know from where this article is from, because Florin did send this one, already translated in english!

But I print it here for You too :)

June 12
Michael Bolton sings and judge
The singer and producer of Russian origin, Michael Bolton will be guest of honor at the International Music Festival "White Nights of St. Petersburg", which will take place in our city from 6 to 8 July at the Ice Palace.

He was replaced long ago with the musical Olympus, but millions of women still sigh in this handsome fruity. Michael Bolton for many years been the symbol of vocal seduction, and his style of oppressive lulling ballad called "blue-eyed soul." Our colleagues Michael disliked and even started a trial against him, accusing the (justifiably) a singer of plagiarism.
But all these things of bygone days. Today, Michael Bolton - a living legend. The songs he still as good, and he looks one hundred percent! He now runs a charity, thus killing two birds with one stone: the scandals at such a noble background are quickly forgotten, and the number of fans (mostly female fans) is growing. Yes, and how not to grow, after all, there to have spoken, and Michael sings great.
So, he goes to us. According to the musician, he was pleased to be invited, as Russia is for him a lot.
- Michael, were you have any connection with the historical homeland?
- Now I'm on the passport - Michael Bolotin. Last name I got from Russian ancestors. Actually I was separated from Russia for three generations, so, except for the names of his grandfather, virtually no ties I do not have. I have no relatives here, so my kids have not come here. It's been more than a century has passed since my ancestors left the country. I was born in the U.S., my mother tongue - English. In Russian, I know a few words. But I am very proud that I can perform in Russia. I was surprised to find that I have a lot of like-minded people on the other side of the ocean. I am very pleased to be able to submit a new America in Russia. I'm sure if our country will cooperate, together we can create amazing and positive things. We must work hand in hand.
- The festival "White Nights of St. Petersburg" you not only the guest of honor, but also a member of the jury. To the extent you are interested in?
- I know that this project - the largest in Eastern Europe and Russia. For me, it is important that the program of the music festival "White Nights of St. Petersburg" combines the competition of young singers, famous speeches, on the artists, but also welfare programs, social projects. Of course, to discover new names is very interesting. Talented people give energy charge. Your festival is held for the sixth time and has opened a lot of successful artists. These include, for example, Ricky Martin, who was a contestant in the 90's. Except for me among the honored guests - Eros Ramazzotti, Anastacia and many others. And among the participants: finalist competition American Idol, winner of the festival in San Remo, a finalist of the contest the British X-factor, participant of "Eurovision-2010" from Sweden. That is, the competition will be exciting!
- You - a musician who has sold over 53 million albums worldwide. And what you consider the main achievement in life?
- I do not know specifically what I consider the most important achievement. I had an amazing experience, which could only dream of a musician. I can not give an exact description of the brightest moments of my life. There were many. I was fortunate to work with Pavarotti, Reyem Charles, Placido Domingo, received "Grammy" several times - too many to list.
- You started recording with the mid-seventies, as your music has changed since then?
- Previously, music was more blues. In my first record was more R & B, what rock and roll. Then I created a group called Black Jack. We had a couple of records in the late 70s, who were in the genre of rock 'n' roll. So our sound has been for six or seven years before I started to return to the music, which I have already written for other artists. And writing for other artists, I started the year at 81-82 (Pointer Sisters, Barbra Streisand, etc.). Then people began to accept me as a songwriter, and rock and roll just disappeared. I can not imagine a time when I ceased to create, write, produce and, of course, sing.
Maybe someday I want to make a long break. Sometimes there are moments when I want to take a break, but the music - this is my main passion.
- Not so long ago you wrote a song popular among the young artists - Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga. Did it draw the attention of a younger audience?
- I can only hope. While the response of the public to cooperate with Lady GaGa has been extremely positive, and there's a good chance to captivate a lot of young people not only through working with GaGa and Ne-Yo, but also because I wrote and produced the album with a very young and talented writers and producers.
- What is the reason that you decided to revive the songs of Frank Sinatra?
- I had no intention of reviving it to his songs. It would be too "loud" so to declare. In fact, I just wanted to record some songs with big band-style swing. I will listen to a lot of material and found that many of the songs have become popular thanks to Frank Sinatra. His songs are timeless. I found them all one thing in common - Sinatra seemed increasingly clear to me a man who actually left the greatest mark ... and the obvious unifying theme here is that Sinatra made famous set of songs. Thus was born the album "Bolton swings Sinatra".
- In addition to music, know that you're actively engaged in social activities and charity work.
- Yes, I have given this a lot of his time. Charitable Foundation was established in 1993. It is called the Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. Its activities are carried out in two ways: 1. Help children and mothers "in the line of risk." Two. The introduction of effective educational programs, through which young people will have more opportunities for the development of socioeconomic and multicultural lines. I am pleased that the commitment to social activities, I was honored with several humanitarian awards - including the award of Martin Luther King, Lewis Hine Award, and was awarded the "Medal of Honor Ellis Island", awarded by Francis Prestona. In St. Petersburg, the festival "White Nights" I'm sure I will take part in charity events.


Take care Sylvie <3!


Thanks for that great article and interview Jaana but it doesn't sound as though it is a concert in Russia more like a television programme that maybe recorded in front of an audience and where he may get the opportunity to sing one or two songs during show but, as I say, doesn't sound in the least to me like a concert.   Thanks again for putting article on here Jaana !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello Sylvia!

Agent here, with whom I've been 'working' about the concerst's in Finland...has been contacted his agent-friend in Russia....and now he waiting for the answer about all this...!??!

He will info me, after he got an answer!!

I hope...he gets it before I have to leave from home, tomorrow 2pm...to the AIRPORT!!! YeahYeah...I'm going to have fun in Copenhagen, with Päivi!! Sooo much waiting to see Michael..AGAIN, LOL!

'Grazy Jaana is coming Michael, so hold on'!...;) ;) ;)

Hugs and Love, Sylvia

Jaana...Pink Lady...from Finland

Jaana, lol you're so much fun to read! I can't wait to read your review, I love your enthusiasm, God bless you girl! Take care my friend. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada <3

Hi Jaana, you're adorable sweetie, thank you for copying this here! Please thank Florin for sharing and translating it too. Take good care of yourself sweetie and thanks again. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada <3


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