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Hi Olga!

I got this message from the agent in Russia....

This festival is not a festival but a money laundry thing - they do not sell tickets, invitations only - it is organized by a person connected with government. Not a festival at all... 
Be carefull with those people.





Hi, Jaana!!!

Thanks for your answer!

Festival Organizer-company "Gazprom"-the largest gas company in the world.This is the our Government.;)

Ex-President Medvedev was chairman of the board of directors out there in 2000-2008.Many Russian officials are in "Gazprom" interest...

Hi Olga...sounds like the average government everywhere! lol The huge companies...usually oil, gas etc. really "run" their prospective countries. And yes....all the parties have their "interest" to protect. I certainly think Michael will just be there to entertain :)))))) Olga let us know if any of your friends go to see Michael. I would LOVE to hear about their fun!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob


Of course, our Russian government :)))

In the picture you and Michael...He is, in my opinion, very nice with his fans:)

Is he also handsome in real life, as in the photo?  

Yes, Michael is not the first time coming to Russia,everything will be fine!:))))

 Kathy,I wrote a friend about the festival in St. Petersburg,I think they need to go there.


I read that your ancestors came from Minsk.Minsk-the capital of Belarus.Belarus is one of the former republics of the USSR.Now Belarus is an independent state..Very beautiful country!Belarusians are very good and nice people!

So, the grandfather of Michael from Belarus..And the second grandfather from Ukraine... is  this true?

There is such a famous dancer Gedeminas Taranda.Is he your relative?;)

Hi Olga!

Oh I hope your friend makes it to Michael's show!!! I would love to hear what they think :) Michael is MORE handsome in person :)))) And very kind, sweet and respectful!!! I know Russia will be kind to Michael! I don't know about Ukraine ancestry for Michael. It is easy to get all the close areas confused :/ I do know that Michael has said his paternal grandparents are from Minsk. I remember that because mine are also so it helped me remember. I can use all the help I can get to keep my memory working...lol

Yes I know of Gedeminas Taranda as I was researching my family roots. As far as I can tell he isn't related to me. But you never know....I don't think there are a whole lot of Tarandas...lol Maybe you could tell me if  that name is very common in your country. I haven't delved deeply into my dad's family...yet :) Just touching the surface. One day I hope to get to Russia!! Let us know about the festival if your friend can attend!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Hi Olga and Kathy, I'm not sure which maternal grandparent it is but Michael has mentionned  that once, his mom Helen wanted to visit Leeds where her parents are from. Correct me someone if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Michael had mentionned at a concert in a different English town that he had roots in Leeds, but due to sports-related rivalry, the reaction was split... :D So there you go. Chute, Olga, if you don't know, Michael will possibly clear that up in his upcoming autobiography, scheduled to be released on November 13 2012, if you're interested. Well there you go girls, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks Jaana.....looks like Michael will be meeting up with Paula Abdul once again!! lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Regarding the Copenhagen concert in Denmark - I was wondering if there was a chance you could maybe take a picture together with Michael before/after the show..does someone know if this could be a possibility?:) There´s no auction or anything to this concert..and it´s my biggest wish ever! <3

Below is a link to a page I found giving details about the International Music Fesitval in the White Nights of St. Petersburg, 2012 and it shows who will take part in the "special guest" section and in there it gives Michael's name as being one of the special guests.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Yes, I've seen it too...but still don't know, what kind of fest it is!! I wait until my friend tells me more about it!

Jaana...Pink Lady....370 km away from St. Petersburgh!!!

The White Nights Festival is held in St. Petersburg from May till July and it covers everything to do with the arts from ballet, sculpture, painting, books, poetry to music and all in between....it is far from just a show that Michael is attending and it is held throughout St. Petersburg in many venues and has been for many years and I do not believe that all those that give of their services to make it possible would do so if there was some question as to its legality and neither do I believe Michael would take part in something as dubious as your friend appears to be insinuating Jaana and I certainly do believe that Michael is well surrounded by people who can give him the right advice. 


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.of the



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