Hey everyone. As soon as ticket information comes out for MB's performance at Caesars in Atlantic City, I will be buying tickets. This will be my first Michael Bolton concert. I was wondering, what kind of merchandise is sold at his shows? And roughly how much does everything cost, this way I know how much money to bring. If any one has any pictures, It would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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Hello Zach,

Welcome to the forum Zach.

Last year at the Royal Albert Hall, they were selling mugs, a couple of different designs of T-shirts, 2 designs of Keyrings, posters signed and un-signed and Tote bags and Cd's signed or un-signed.

If I remember correctly the T-shirts were around £15 each, the tote bags were around £10, the mugs were about £5 each, the keyrings were about £4 each. I think the cd's were around £10 un-signed and £15 for signed. (Not sure what these UK prices are in US dollars, sorry)

I hope I have remembered the prices correctly or atleast as close to the real price. I cant remember how much the posters were though, sorry.

Needless to say, take loads of money with you because when you see the items, you'll want one of everything!! Ha Ha!!

Seeing as this is your first ever Michael Bolton concert, I've got to tell you that you are in for one hell of a night and a huge treat!!!

I am genuinly truly very excited for you Zach.

You must come back and tell us how it went and remember, take loads of photos so you can share them with us. Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XX
Hi Zach,

I may also go to AC to see Michael (not sure yet), and if I do it's also my first MB concert (fingers crossed!). At other concerts that I have been too, a tour book costs about $30, but I think for Michael it may be cheaper. T-shirts cost around 20 to 30 dollars, depending on style...long sleeves are more money. If you go to web sites of other artists and they sell merchandise, it will give you a general idea what it can cost at AC. I buy some items on Barry Manilow's site, and love it when they sell things on sale too!! Have picked up key chains, magnets, old magazines, t-shirts and lots of cool stuff any "Fanilow" would love!

thanks everybody. I've been to many different concerts before and I've seen all different prices. Barry Manilow is probably the cheapest I've ever paid for merchandise at a concert. When I saw him in 2009 I paid like $80 for a program, shirt, and a jacket.
Hi Zach, I just wanted to let you know that someone just picked up a tour book for me and I was told it was 10 bucks! I hope someone else comes through for you on other items and/or at some point, Michael's management will finally wise up and put it up on here. Maybe when the tour is done? Let's keep our fingers crossed. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Wow Zach....that's great! Damn...I don't even have a Manilow jacket...LOL! Last time I saw Barry was 2007 at Madison Square Garden. Did you see Barry at Atlantic City or somewhere else? He was at AC last summer...I was planning to go, but my mom and I changed our minds. Luckly we did...I got very sick during that time and was going from one doctor to another. Anyway, I got better and we are thinking about seeing Barry in Las Vegas sometime next year (fingers crossed for that too!). :)
I saw Barry in Wilkes Barre, PA. I was so surprised when he came here. My aunt bought tickets for my mom and I to go and it ended up being a fantastic concert.
Well that was a nice surprise....glad you and your mom had a great time!


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