After reading the show reviews starting to get a little (ok lot) excited for April.  I was wondering what does happen on a meet and greet with MB.


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Hi Lynne, if you search through the 2014 tour review thread around May, when Michael toured the U.K., you could find descriptions of some fans' experiences with M&G's. I think it depends on how many people Michael is meeting and it depends on the venue also. It's my understanding you're in a file and either Michael goes down the line so you can exchange a few words, handshake and/or picture, or you're instructed to go one by one and have a few short minutes to state your business and move on. The important thing is to be prepared, with either gifts or what you have to say, but know your time is limited. Fans are all saying that Michael is very sweet and will tell you to take your time, which helps you relax. Maybe Sylvia or other fans can come in and clue you in, but that's how M&G's have happened last year. I hope that helps. Take care Lynne. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Sylvie thanks its sounds sooo exciting I really cant wait now will have to get my thinking cap on as to what to say only had planned to say Hi lol xx

Lynne xx


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