My name is Titus Campbell. My brother Josh and I are HUGE Michael Bolton fans.. He is our favorite singer in the world. Meeting him would be a dream come true!! We are flying to one of his concerts when he comes back to the United States to perform. We currently reside in Georgia. Please help us to meet him!!

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WELCOME to the forum Titus and hope one day you are successful and do meet Michael.  I can't help you directly to do that but would say hope that everyone in the States gets opportunity to buy tickets with M&G's included, one day, as has been done for past two UK tours for it certainly is a wonderful experience and a marvellous way of achieving a dream .....hope yours does come true Titus !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hi Titus and welcome to the forum. You have a great name! Well unless, as Sylvia stated, you‘d have bought a special package from the promoter that guarantees that, there are no guarantees meeting Michael. In the past, there have beensome draws at the end of concerts, but they seemed to have been random. Michael has also done some CD or book signings after some concerts in the past: you need to ask the merchandise guy when you’re there. You can check around with radio stations who play Michael’s music, to see if they’ll have a promotion for tickets or an M&G after the show. As fans have been doing for decades, you can wait after the show at the stage door: patience is often rewarded. You can also either write to the promoter to ask if something can be arranged or there will be packages sold, or you can also write to our moderator Gail at boltoninfo@aol.com and state your case, but again, there are no guarantees. Gail only sends the requests to Michael’s office and isn’t part of the selecting process, which Michael and his team has to do, because of his busy schedule. I hope that helps Titus. May I ask how long you and your brother have been fans? Just wondering. Well anyway, if you stick around the forum and need help navigating, give us a shout, there’s always someone around to help. Look around and feel free to join in conversations. Take care Titus. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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