Last year I posted a Story titled the Christmas Guest. It went over so well I figured I would post another story this year, enjoy!




A beautiful Christmas Legend is told of Baboushka, a story known and trerasured for centuries by peoples of all the european countries lying between France and Russia.


In the land that is now Southern Russia, on the night when  the Christ-child was born, an old woman sat alone in her little cottage, gazing into the flames that danced on her hearth. out side, the shrill cold winds of winter howled dismally. Snow was blamketing the earth in a white carpet, and the ice covered branches of the trees crackled in the wind. The old woman was glad that she had a fire, that she could keep warm in her snug little bed, that she did not have to go out into the cold.


Suddenly cam a rap on her door and when sheopened it, three stately old men entered, wor kinngley robes and carried expensively wrapped packages. We have traveled far, Babousca, "they said" and we stop to tell you of the baby prince who had been born this night in Bethlehem. He comes to rule the world and to teach all men and woman to be loving and true. We carry him gifts. Come with us, Babouscka."


But she shrank back as she heard the storm beating mercilessly upon her cottage, and would not leave her cozy room. So the old men journeyed on alone through the snow, wind and cold. Babouscka could not sleep that night for thinking of what the med had told her, and of the wonderful opportunity they had offered her to see the Prince. At last she decided that, when the dawn came she would set out alone to find the babe, and perhaps on the way she could come  upon the old men.


In the morning she put on her heavy cloak, took up her staff and filled a basket with gold, balls, wooden toys, brilliant trinkets and set out to find the Christ child. But she had forgotten to ask the three old men the way to Bethlehem, and they had journeyed so far through the night that she could not overtake them.


Up and down the roads she hurried, through woods, fields and towns saying to all whom she met "I go to find the Christ-child. Where does he lie? I bring him some pretty toys." But no one could tell her the way. Each one shook his head and said, "Farther on Babouscka, farther on!"


So she travled for years and years and never found the child. In Europe, they say that she is traveling, and that, on Christmas Eve, when children are fast asleep, she comes softly through snoy fields and towns. Weapped in a cloak and carrying a basket. Steadily she enters each house and holds a candle close tot he little children's faces. "Is he here"? She whispers. "Is the little Chirst-child here?" Then she shakes her head and turns away sorrowfully, sighing. "Farther on, Babouscka, farther on." But she leaves a toy from her basket for each sleeping little one- "For his sake," she whispers, and hurries through the night. Next morning on Christmas day, when the children find toys in their beds, they are told that babouscka must have been there while they slept.


For unto us a child is born. _Isaiah 9:6


I wish you ALL a very merry and blessed Christmas season. 


Love, Shannon xx

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Hi Shannon,what a lovely Christmas story!Thank you for sharing!I wish you too a very Merry Christmas.Take care :)  Silvia PS

Hello Shannon, Very sweety, this story about the winter, the Prince and Baboushka !! I wish you too a MERRY CHRISTMAS and all of you, members, and of course, you, Michael, and your family... With all my tender kiss ! Bye BD

Thank you both! I hope every one here has a wonderful Holiday season and of course Michael and the family!!!!

Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone! Xx

What a beautiful christmas story. 

Thank you Shannon and wishing you and yours a very Happy christmas time. 

And indeed, to all of Michaels fans and your families,  Happy Christmas!

Jennifer XX


I hope you have a beautiful Christmas & a very happy new year Shannon & same to all Bolton buddies xxx

Hi, Shanonn

I really love this tender story, thanks a lot for sharing us !!!

Merry Christmas for you and yours too....

Take care


Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year to all!!!!!!!



Helena  xx

Sharron this is beautiful.  Thanks for posting.  I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and here is to a fantastic 2012 with lots of Michael sightings!  Gail

Want to add my wishes for everyone here to have a very Merry Christmas and a fun filled Michael Bolton year in 2012!!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

Thank so much for this beautiful story!!!!!!

To all my friends here at MB Forum, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!



Hi Shannon,

Thank you for the recollection of this wonderful story, It was a story I had been told as a young child. Love hearing it again and again.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year too!

Season's Greetings,

Love, Kellie


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