I know Michael is a boxer dog owner but does anyone know how many boxers her owns.


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Hi Carol and not too sure if Michael did own any of the boxers that were part of the family, or if they belonged to his daughters from the outset and believe it looked more like labradors that Michael had when he was younger.   Do know that his daughter Isa had Busa and that daughter Taryn has Parker still but not too sure about others, like Webster, that was about at one time.   Below is a beautiful picture of the one I believe is Parker which you may have seen on one of the blogs last year.  Sorry have no further information about and not even too sure if above is 100% accurate so please don't quote me !!! lol.



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for the info Sylvia. I was just curious if anyone knew the breeding of the dogs. I suppose it makes sense that they are owned by other family members as Michael must spend such a lot of time away from home. I had seen a picture a while ago of a brindle dog lounging on the sofa, I assumed it belonged to Michael.


Hi Carol and I remember that picture and I believe then that was Parker.   I am 99.9% certain that Taryn and her family live in the family home in Westport and that is how Parker appears in these pictures, as with the one above, which is taken at the family home in Westport and the dogs are definitely boxers as you can see by him. 


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Which puppy could have been the one which greeted me (and gave me oodles of puppy hugs & puppy kisses) when I dropped off MB's birthday gifts, wallhanging, etc?  Huge puppy (hey, they're always your "babies"), beige, definitely not a boxer - maybe lab?  Such a nice puppy, and he sure liked me!  Much appreciated puppy's hugs (yes, he's so big he put his front paws on my shoulders and gave me a huge puppy-kiss up my cheek!  Despite his standing taller than I am. . . ) & kisses.   But we were never properly introduced. . .



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