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I was just looking at the dates of Michael's tour and noticed that he is going to be at Atlantic City in March of next year!!  My mother and I were plannig to see Barry Manilow this past summer at AC and it didn't work out, so now this is somthing we can consider!!  I wanted to know from you guys, what is the best way to order seats for this show?  Do I just go on the web site for Ceasar's Palace, ticketmaster or does anyone on this site tries to get seats and sell them to the fans here?  What is the routine?  Remember, I have never seen Michael live that is why I'm asking.  As a member of the Manilow fan club, I can get orchestra seats or plantium tickets (that's when you get front row and meet and greet with Barry, money goes to charity)... even though I have not done either.  I have gotten my tickets from ticketmaster over the past years and gotten so-so seats for Barry.  I am considering a trip to Las Vegas with my mom sometime next year to see Barry, (a birthday present for myself!) maybe getting Orchestra seats...I can't afford Plantium.  That's fine with me, since I have Barry's Autograph already but would have love to take a picture with him.....oh well...can't have everthing.  So back to Michael....please let me know what I should do.  I don't think the tickets are on sale yet, but will check Cesar's web site and see if anything is mentioned.


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Well, I just took a peek at Cesar's web site and nothing yet....guess it's too soon. I noticed that my mother's favorite, Julio Inglesias is there for three shows in December. Hope she doesn't faint when I tell her...LOL!!
Helena, you will need to purchase your tickets either from ticketmaster or Ceasar's when they go on sale. Gail
OMG I can;t wait to see Michael in AC
Thanks Gail.

Hey gang,

Any idea what the ticket prices are for Michael at AC? I mentioned the concert to my mother this morning and she liked the idea of going...at least she does for now! We are only concerned about the weather around that time.....can still snow during the month of March. We will also have to sleep over one night, since we are traveling by bus both ways. Need to see prices of the hotels as well. Hope my mother doesn't change her attitude about going...she did that to me last year when I wanted to see Barry. Even though it worked out since I was so sick and would have not enjoyed the show anyway. Well lets all cross our fingers that I get to see Michael in March!!

hey everyone, my mom and I are considering going to this concert because its on her birthday. Does anyone know when tickets go on sale? Also, were looking to stay in the area. We really don't want to spend a lot of money,does anyone know a hotel in that area that isn't expensive? I was looking at the Best Western Envoy, but I don't know anything about that area. Thanks in advance!
Hey Zach, Go on the webstie AtlanticCityNJ.com or try looking up AC on Yahoo and Google. There are maps of AC with the hotels, casinos, etc... Most of the casinos with the hotels are costly, but a Best Western sounds like a good deal. If I go with my mother I will try for something on the boardwalk even if it's a little expensive. My mom is 76 and has health issues plus we would take a bus there and back. Sounds like a nice birthday present for your mom! Is she a big Bolton fan? My mother liked seeing Michael on Dancing with the Stars, so she is willing to see him on stage. We shall see... :)


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