My husband and I attended the concert at Heinz Hall on 12-18-13. As usual Michael was AWESOME!!! Every concert I attend seems like my first one. This man truly understands the love and devotion of his true fans. We were told 3 times photography was strictly prohibited, and the people around me, seeing my camera, advised me to put it away. I was told they would take my camera and embarrass me. I stood my ground, and Michael came on stage. After singing Soul Provider, he sat down and stated: "I know that venues say photography is prohibited, but I like photos, in fact I encourage them!!!!! Michael, I love that you don't know all the fireworks and videos streaming behind you, you just come out and give us "your fans" exactly what we came to see and hear - "YOU"! Thank You - I am and always will be proud to be a Michael Bolton fan. Here are a few pictures I took!

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Nice pictures of a nice Michael! Thanks for the exchange, Nancy!!!

Petra Christine (Germany)

I said on Tour thread thanks for sharing photos, they are great !! :)  Thanks too for sharing part of the concert with us Nancy and once again glad you had a great time !!! :)


Sylvia    Your  wee Scottish friend


Hi Nancy,

Glad you had a great time and thank you very much for sharing the photos. Michael does give us fans his very best. We all should be proud to uphold his music and the great talent behind him. Hope you will have many more concerts to share with us. Happy Holidays!



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