Hi Gail and the rest can somebody tell me that it is true because I am looking every were but I can NOT find Michael in a Jazz festival in Holland.

There is one concert over there but that is 20th march...

And that is NOT the one we mean lol...

If you know were I can buy the tickets I can also tell the other fans on a dutch side were I do the page were they can buy the tickets....
I couln't believe it that I saw Michael and holland in one line lol lol lol
Hope somebody can help me out here...

thanks and lots of love Jacqueline

This is Jacqueline like everybody knows me lol with lots of ice lol we need to because most off us need it when Michael is close by lol, He is a great person from the inside and yes tell me about the outside lol


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Your right about that Janniche his hair is longer than normale...Oh and btw his hands were cold lol

lots of love Jacqueline xxx
If we could only wish.....I really hope he is going to have a great woman in his live that knows what a great person he is. I wish him all the love in the world.And we all know that he will not stay 25 lol.....
OK if we could make dreams come true...lol he had lots off wifes over here lol...

I really mean it Michael dicerve the best woman on this planet....
lots of love Jacqueline xxxx/xoxoxox
Yes I am also still farrrrrrrr away lol lol...And some are asking to send them pictures lol so I don't hope it will be again 4.00am today ore better tomorrowmorning lol.. Still have to put one video on youtube...but it take sooooo long lol..
OH and how long do we have to wait now for Michael will comes? Next time I will order 4 tickets so we know we are sitting next to eachother lol...
lots of love jacqueline

The video is great with the Orchestra in the background of the YouTube one of Said I Loved You But I Lied. I remember when he toured here a while back, maybe around 2000-2002, with orchestra's in each city and we loved it, it adds such an additional layer of music to his performances!! This one is beautiful from the Jass Festival. I would like to see more from this show with the orchestra backing him along with the band!!!

Thanks again for sharing!!!

The one in the right down in the orange shirt is my son lol...this was scanned bij Saskia and printed lol because her hubby is sitting on row 4.
You can see Mark aswell.
lots of love jacqueline
Still how great the concert was and how much we all enjoyed it..I still mist a lot off the bandmembers like JP(Jason) Janit etc...
I don't know why but after many years I do still mist them.
Lucky Michael is still singing as always.......VERY good and with my close-up lol my battery is full again lol...

Michele(yup italian name)is the second one. He is almost 19 the youngest his brothers are in the middle...26 and 23...awww getting older lol..xxx lots of love Jacqueline
the concert was great michael was as good as ever and the hair i love it .i was looking forward to this concert so much espeicaly after last years at amsterdam . but i have never been so mislead as i was at this venue i bought tickets ages ago and paid just on 500 euros for front row vip tickets or so i thought . went to the venue early to check it out went to the vip door and spoke to a very nice lady and got told that yes we were front row in front of the stage .i was happy about that we also had snacks before the concert and a meal after but i was not interested in that i only paid the money so i would have front row tickets .so when it was time we went to the concert showed the tickets to the lady on the door and was told where to go which was down the front by the stage when we got there every seat was full so we went over to another steward and she said yes you have front row but only to find it was not in front of the stage .but one block back i was totally shocked to know that we were told front row in front the stage but to find out it was a whole block back 500 euros for crap seats when the front rows were so much cheaper total rip off .i would pay anything to see michael but to think you have paid good money for front row by the stage only to find out you are that far away i could have cried i was so angry and upset . but michael was fantastic as always so were the band .and the hair well i love it so much :) paris will be better i hope :)
Auww Helen we you the one with the flowers???? I was sitting at the first row.
I have been posting on here what the diverence were between VIP and normale seats...Fist yes to much money because the most were only famous dutch people...all in smoking.
I had paid 70euro's and was sitting at the front row...auwww I am very to hear this from you. Why haven't asked me about it so I could have told you and it was also in english to see what the diverce was on the page from the Hague Jazz...
I have also send you a mail with more info and asked is you didn't had a place to stay you were more than welcome at my house...
If you ever come to the Nehterlands ore call me ore sent me a mail so I can find out what you wanted to know.
On your ticket was loge 2 row 1...if I am correct..On mine was loge 1 and row 1 seat 5 and 6.
I am sorry you have spent TO much money for something you didn;t want.

Hope your have a great time in France. bisou/kiss jacqueline xxxx
ps and mail me next time ..ok?
ciao carissima jacqueline,sono molto felice per te che hai vissuto una delle serate più emozionanti della tua vita.ti ringrazio per tutto ,video ,foto e articoli.
grazie ,un grande saluto dall'italia. baci cri
Grazie Cri(stina) e tu non va da una concerto die Michael? Michael lo visto in mio camera lol...si molto speciale.
di niente e ti voglio bene Jacqueline xxx

(thanks Cri(stina)arent you going to a concert from Michael? Michael was looking in muy camera lol...yes that was very special.
Your welcome and I want the best for you Jacqueline xxx
ciao jacqueline,se tutto va bene andrò a vedere michael il 3 agosto sul lago di garda..non vedo l'ora di ascoltarlo.
ti abbraccio forte a presto .ti voglio bene anch'io. grazie per scrivere in italiano . ciao cry


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