Hi Gail and the rest can somebody tell me that it is true because I am looking every were but I can NOT find Michael in a Jazz festival in Holland.

There is one concert over there but that is 20th march...

And that is NOT the one we mean lol...

If you know were I can buy the tickets I can also tell the other fans on a dutch side were I do the page were they can buy the tickets....
I couln't believe it that I saw Michael and holland in one line lol lol lol
Hope somebody can help me out here...

thanks and lots of love Jacqueline

This is Jacqueline like everybody knows me lol with lots of ice lol we need to because most off us need it when Michael is close by lol, He is a great person from the inside and yes tell me about the outside lol


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Di Niente Cry/ your welcome cry.
Here is a artikel and 2 great pictures and yes it is in english lol so I don't have to translate it lol...lots of love Jacqueline xxx


And one from Waylon

lots of love Jacqueline xxx
Yes Juliet Waylon is not that bad at all lol lol....and has a voice auww.
I don't know if you can buy a cd from him over there but my son had bought one on the night off the concert for 10euro's is about $7.
So that is not bad at all lol.

He has changed his hair because when he started to get famous he had the same hair like Elvis had in the early years....this is much better lol because I had to look more than 5 times before I knew who he was haha...
Yes Michael had a good artist this year over here before he started to give us the best night off the year lol..Waylon also said ;"I am so pleased that they asked me to sing for you all before the big men comes lol..". And a few said ;"yes he is the best men ever lol".

Lots of love Jacqueline xoxoxox
Hi, Helen and Jackeline
Thank you so much !!! The review and the pics are great !!!
In my humble opinion, Michael always looks good,
but I think the hair like this is the best for him, and for me...
Take care
Ciao Jacqueline
grazie per le tue foto e i video e grazie per le tue news, sono felice che il concerto sia stato bellissimo, io vado il 3 agosto sul Lago di Garda in Italia, prima mi fermo da mia mamma a Verona e poi vado al concerto di Michael.
ciao tanti baci

Silvy XX
ti voglio bene anch'io!
Cara Silvy,
Da queste parte di Lago di Garda Michael vieni?

Dearest Silvy,
To what part of the Lake of Garda does Michael goes?

Tanti baci /many kisses Jacqueline
Gardone Riviera dalla parte di BRESCIA, on the Brescia side, guarda su google earth.
ciao silvy sono felice quando qualcuno scrive in italiano sul forum sai non conosco l'inglese.
io vivo a pavia e sarò a gardone riviera il 3 agosto con la mia famiglia per vedere michael.
un caro saluto da cristina.
Helen how awful to pay that and end up with crap seats.This is the problem when we book for somewhere we dont know very well.I think we need to research more when we are going to new places.Hopefully Paris is better for you .xx
I have told Helen also to write to me but she didn't and if she didn't had a place to stay she could have stay over with us..I have also written here to Gail if she knew the difference between a VIP and a normale seat. It was all on the forum.Sorry that Helen didn't mailed me and asked if she was doing well with that dear ticket.

So for the next person who is coming over please call me ore mail me when you don't know if everything is ok...when you want to come to the Netherlands. I am helping lots of fans her as well so why not somebody from this forum.?

lots of love Jacqueline
Non c'è problema, io parlo bene inglese, ti traduco io quello che vuoi, se vuoi lasciare dei messaggi in inglese te li traduco io, allora ci vediamo al concerto del 3 agosto in Italia.
tanti cari saluti
from Switzerland but I'm Italian
Dear Silvy I know that it is no problem for you and that you can write and understand what everybody is posting here. Only Cry/Cristina can not speak ore write any English. So in the past I have helped her with translations. My ex is a Italian from the South off Italia..working by the Ambassy off Italia in Holland. That is why I know Italian lol...after 27years together and married 25years..That is a long time.
So your going just like Cry to the concert on 3 august by the lake off Garda..(Lago di Garda) A place what I know very much lol..Nice that you see your familie over there and have a great time with the concert..lol
Oh and if he is going to sing Nessun Dorma(nobody is sleeping)you all can sing it along lol. I think I was one off not that many who was singing it along with Michael here in the Netherlands lol.
If I write in Italian for Cry. And I also write in English for the rest.

Tanti baci da parte mia e tvb/ many kisses from my part and I want the best for you Jacqueline xxxx

Some more pictures from Holland lots of love jacqueline xxx


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