Hi Gail and the rest can somebody tell me that it is true because I am looking every were but I can NOT find Michael in a Jazz festival in Holland.

There is one concert over there but that is 20th march...

And that is NOT the one we mean lol...

If you know were I can buy the tickets I can also tell the other fans on a dutch side were I do the page were they can buy the tickets....
I couln't believe it that I saw Michael and holland in one line lol lol lol
Hope somebody can help me out here...

thanks and lots of love Jacqueline

This is Jacqueline like everybody knows me lol with lots of ice lol we need to because most off us need it when Michael is close by lol, He is a great person from the inside and yes tell me about the outside lol


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Yup it is true lol...And lucky for me I know lots of fans who are coming as well to the concert. So we can make also a great picture for this page to let everybody see that we fans from the Netherlands are close too.
I have tickets on the first raw number 5 and 6 so I was one off the first who bought them lol..But lucky for me my friends here in the Netherlands who are also my "friends"on www.hyves.nl and then Michael's site. I am doing the work there..as far as I can lol..But lucky with lots of help from everybody we are doing more than fine.

So yes the 10th of june Michael will be here in The Hague (jazz festival) but Michael in NOT part of a festival but a concert with a orcastra..one off the best from Holland.
It has to be one of his best concert he is giving here in the Netherlands...And let all the fans who are there to drink...stay at home so we can enjoy Michael even more..And also for Michael because he is always thinking and wants the best for his fans.

lots of love Jacqueline
Yes and also at www.ticketmasters.nl..

Have no idea have to look for you tomorrow...Going to bed now lol...
lots of love Jacqueline
ps see if I can put a list with concerts over here if that is not here already ;)
Dear all.
If you don't know the place you ask for the International Criminal Tribunal ....

This one is very famous all over the world...
And please don't think you have to worry lol because you don't lol..

I was looking at the mape and saw that it was in the same street so for the once who has NO tom tom in there care just ask for this building and you will get there.

lots of love jacqueline
If your going to THAT site Diana...than you DON'T know were your sitting and your paying the topprice....
Beter to go to www.ticketmasters.nl

Were you can see right a way were your seeds are and that is NOT the case with http://www.ticketsnederland.nl/shop/Michael-Bolton-tickets-10-juni-...

So I dont know if you know how that page works because it is in Dutch...but please DONT buy them over there.....

lots of love Jacqueline
ps I know you mean well but the other one is the best side to buy tickets off the Netherlands
I am in Row 1 auuwww lol seat 5 and 6.
I was one off the first lol...I have a lot off the hyves site...from Michael Bolton here in the Netherlands sitting all around me lol..
But row 6 is still in the first 7 ...Don't know if you have seen the map?

lots of love jacqueline
Hi Gail,

Can you tell me that when I asked you and the please were Michael is giving his concert here in the Netherlands if there is a meet and great that nobody knows something about it.
I am the one who is doing the side of Michael on hyves were are lots of fans.
Somebody from the the Hague Festifal send a mail to that forum...were I don't get any mails from that you had to send something FOR the 8th off may...why your mother was the person who could win a meet and great on the 10th off june.

The day she put it on the forum was on the 8th so a little much tooooo late.
My son tried to send something but is was for mother's day...

How come we didn't know anything about it.
The one who I had contact with from there was the one who sended it on the 8th...

I wish I could had known this much earlier not just for me but also his real fans here in the Netherlands.

It is really a pitty because I have asked early enough for it to you and to the Place were Michael is giving his concert....
I feel like I am doing lots of work and trying to sell as much tickets by sending messages over the phone ore sending mails...
But with this I couldn't do nothing at all.

I really find it a little strange that this can happend.

lots of love Jacqueline xxx
My it looks that me and Diana are the only ones lol who are going from this forum to Michael IN 23HOURS.........AWWW LESS THAN A DAY.
I know that there are not a lot chairs left so that will be good. I am going with my list lol to Michael to see a lot off fans who I know from Hyves the page from Michael Bolton.
I hope I can make some great pictures for myself and for the rest of you and for the once who can not go here in the Netherlands who have asked me to make great pictures for them...
lots of love Jacqueline xxx
Have fun Jacqueline! Report back when you can! Gail
Jacqueline, Have a great time! Looking forward to hearing back from you!!!
Jackqueline have a great time !!!
Take care
Have a blast and take photos and videos if you can!!!!!!
Thank you all...today is the big day..have a shower ,breakfast etc and than in the car for 1.5 hour. Going to the City for some shopping and have a nice meal lol..and than .....Yup to Michael.
Yes I will have a blast lol and taking pictures /video's I am on row 1........so that will be OK lol.
Saskia is also there but is on row 7.
I let you know tomorrow by this time lol
lots of love Jacqueline and thanks again love you all.xoxoxoxoxoxo


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