Hi Gail and the rest can somebody tell me that it is true because I am looking every were but I can NOT find Michael in a Jazz festival in Holland.

There is one concert over there but that is 20th march...

And that is NOT the one we mean lol...

If you know were I can buy the tickets I can also tell the other fans on a dutch side were I do the page were they can buy the tickets....
I couln't believe it that I saw Michael and holland in one line lol lol lol
Hope somebody can help me out here...

thanks and lots of love Jacqueline

This is Jacqueline like everybody knows me lol with lots of ice lol we need to because most off us need it when Michael is close by lol, He is a great person from the inside and yes tell me about the outside lol


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Jaqueline that is awesome!! I know you are still on cloud 9! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Lynn,
;) Yes I am still somewere on the clouds lol lol and JEN I really need more ice lol...
And your more than welcome because I loved the moment and I am very glad I had the camera on so you all could see it...And hear me say OHHH lol.
I was more looking to the bodygaurds lol what they were all doing and than Michael came out off the blues lol lol........
lots of love Jacqueline

Hi, Jackie
Thanks a lot for taking your time and so late!!!,
the pics you don't have to excuse are perfect and
what can I tell you about the video with that close up ?
If I were you I would have melted right away. I'm
glad for you.
Take care
Hi Jacqueline!!!!!!!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great photos, but the video what can I tell...

is wonderful, great, marvelous and every adjective that know because is something special!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the memories!!!!!!!
Jackie!!!!! OMG!!!! The video is SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!! I have started clapping my hands after seeing his face looking at the camera... what an incredible man!!!!!! And what a look!!!!!! And I love his smile after seeing the M&M's, LOL!!!!!
Thanks for the photos and videos... it's been an unforgettable night, I can bet that!!! Rest now and live on the cloud number 9 for a while!!!!!
Hi Jacqueline

Wow!! You had the best time! Love the video of Michael looking into the camera, lucky you!!
Your photos are great too.
Thank you for sharing everything and I'm so happy for you that you had a fantastic night.

Love Deb xx

Here are some off the pictures that Saskia had taken. lots of love jacqueline xxx



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBoLNfoo1Yk this is Waylon who started one year ago and became asap a motown contract ....but if you hear him you will see why. He is also great for a dutch lol....
Hi Jacq, tnx for posting them :) we had such a wonderful night didn't we!

I'm still all ohhh's and ahhh's especially with all the pictures and clips that are posted now

Kudos, Saskia
Here is a link from the press with lots of great pictures.
Now we know why the press was there lol


lots of love Jacqueline xxx


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