Michael Bolton at The Roosevelt Club with Yue-Sai 2012.05.18

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Thanks a lot for all those photos Cristina.........lovely to see  !! :)   Thanks again !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Cristina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And btw... love his shoes!!!!!!

Me too Pilar and I don't believe they are "sneekers".....cost a "little" more BUT aren't they BEAUTIFUL !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Looks like he's signing several different albums...you can see "This Is The Time" in the last photo!


Anna (in MO)

THanks for sharing these lovely pictures here..YES Anna I noticed that too!!LOL

Robin in MD :)

It looks like MB was signing his entire CD catalogue to someone.. I see quite a few different titles more I look at the photos!! Neat!!!

Robin in MD :)

Hi, Cristina

Thanks a lot for sharing these lovely pics !!! Where did find them ?

Take care


Hey, Michael, what's in the box???? 

Not sure if I'm too keen on the outfit Michaels wearing? It doesn't look like its 'gelling' properly. Too many shades of blue for my liking.

Still, Michael is looking really good even though he looks bored silly in the first photo!! Ha Ha!! Dam those one shot snappers!! 

Great photos Kristina and how funny that he's signing really old CD's.


Hermosas fotos!! Gracias!!


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