Here is a cute article about a Michael Bolton fan:

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Hi Gail,


thanks for sharing. You put a big grin on my face. Sorry for this guy - he seems to be a nice person according to the article. Nevertheless I bet Miss Right is waiting for him - accepting, or even better sharing his love for Michael :-).


I hope you had and still have a wonderful Christmas. All the best to you for 2011.


Greetings from Germany



I missed this part of the show.  Some girls just do not have good taste is music is all I can say.  I am so glad this guy is not going to change his musical tastes.  I am sure Miss Right is out there you just have to keep searching.



Some people don't have taste for good music... Is not my type of man, but I like what he have said, because I wouldn’t stop my love for MB's music for any man either!!

Thanks Gail I liked that also :)

This part was great

 “Definitely not,” he added, “I’m still a big fan and I won’t stop my love of his music for any girl.”

Be a proud Bolton Fan

"I am"

Love Dianna xxx

Me tooo........  Thank you Gail for sharing.

Take care


How narrow minded thse girls must be then?


He's much better off without any of those girls if they dont appreciate a talented singer like Michael.


Good riddance and bah humbug,  to them I say. He'll get a lovely girlfirend fhimself one day and I'm sure she'll apreciate the sort of music that he admires in Michael.


Love JenniferXX

It wasn't his love of Michael Bolton that was a turn off. It was the bubble bath. I would have turned the light out too.


Here is a followup to this article..seems Michael heard about it!!


BOLT from the Blue

TAKE Me Out reject James Spanwick was sent VIP concert tickets by his hero Michael Bolton after the singer heard he had failed to find a date.

James, 21, was turned down by all 30 girls on the ITV1 dating show after his sister revealed he sings the US soft rock star's tracks while in the bath.

Michael sent the Middlesbrough lad a special message and two tickets to an upcoming show.

All James needs to do now is find a girl to go with


That's just lovely good on you Michael

James will love it :)

Thanks Gail for sharing

Love Dianna xxx

Hi Gail..... so does this mean Michael is coming back to the UK!!!! ;-)


Best wishes

Carol (London)

That's a neat story Gail!!! LOL

Robin in MD USA :)

Hi Gail,


What a brilliant story - well, not for James.....and Michael is definitely totally exonerated for sending that "special message" to James...just another thoughtful, selfless act by "our BOY".    All I can say is, looking at the picture of James, I wish I was forty years younger - my light wouldn't have been switched off !!!!!!!!!!!!!   :D.


Sylvia.   Wee Scottish friend.


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