Doing an assignment as I am studying to be a Teachers' Aid.  Listening to Michael very loud at the moment because it motivates me.  He is so inspiring, his music makes me believe I can do this course, no matter how hard the road is to getting to my goal.  He just drives me to do better and work hard.  Maybe I sound silly, but that is just how he makes me feel.  After all, his road to success wasn't easy, and he never gave up.  I think he is a fantastic role model..


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Karina, I can guarantee no one on this forum thinks you sound silly!!!  Go the Distance!!  Gail

Karina I agree with Gail and probably everyone else here, you came to the right place "A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes". You go girl, we're right there with you beside you
Karina, there is nothing silly about how you feel. We all have our own special thoughts and/or memories about Michael and we love sharing here with everyone. Heck, my husband is so tired of MBs music being played at my house or with me walking around with earphones in he is ready to ship me to Michael's house, or so he says. So you see you are in the right place. Welcome!!!!!!
Sandy in MS

My husband is a Michael Bolton fan just like me, but if he ever wanted to ship me to Michael's house, I'd volunteer to go no problems, lol!!! I love him!! I am new here, my confidence is a little low I didn't want to come across crazy but its just true.  I have read his book three times and he said he hopes that his story inspires people, well...hes sure done that and I love this page.  Finally I can talk about Michael!!!! :) My autistic son loves him, my three daughters look at me like I am insane, lol.

Hi Karina and welcome to the forum. I’ve just read this entire thread and can only echo what everyone has said. I’m fortunate that my husband is a fan also and I can assure you that you’re among friends here and if you’re silly, we all are! :D Michael has inspired all of us one way or another. I have 4 kids too and half of them think I’m looney too! Lol Sweetie, God bless you and your family and best of luck raising your son with his special needs, but it sounds to me, if he loves Michael too, that you’ve been doing a good job! :D If you need any help finding your way around the forum or have any questions, be sure to let us know. As you see, we’re a friendly group here so feel free. Take care Karina and thanks for sharing with all of us. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Sylvie, thank you so much.  I feel really at home on here.  I look forward to talking to you on this page.  Hugs to you too from Australia.  Yes, my little boy Nicholas absolutely loves Michael Bolton!!!! He knows all of his songs, its so cute and funny how he will be playing in his bedroom and we hear is sweet voice singing When a man loves a woman.  I hope someday he gets to meet Michael.  I am probably dreaming, but hey why not.  Great to meet you!!!

Hi again Karina, aww, thanks for the sweet picture of your son singing! I remember years ago, when my youngest was 3, he used to get up on the coffee table and sing “When a man loves a woman” too! :D Karina, you never know what will happen so do keep dreaming! I’m actually positive that Michael would be thrilled to meet  Nicholas... :D We’ve heard a concert review from a woman last year who I believe had brought her granddaughter to a concert and the little one got to talk to Michael on stage. Michael has mentioned that he enjoys seeing a multi-generational audience.  Great to meet you too sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Karina, we all feel the same as you do about Michael's music. There's nothing silly about it. You go girl!!!
I'm a teacher and it's an amazing career!! The only thing that might come close to it is doing what Michael does!!
And Sandy, my husband tells me the same thing that yours does. Maybe we should find out when Michael is going to be home next and meet there!!
Paula, i can be ready at a moments notice. LOL
Sandy in MS

Hi Paula,

Nice to meet you.  My husband is a school teacher.  We have four children, three girls and a little boy who has autism.  He has inspired me to want to help children with special needs.  Michael makes me believe in myself...he has such a good work ethic and will to succeed.  I am in Sydney.  I missed his concert at the Opera house last year because we were going through the diagnosis of Nicholas' autism, but I really want to go when he is here next and little Nicholas is coming with me!


Agree with everything written above and also agree totally with your statement Karina that Michael is a fantastic role model for he certainly shows that with a good load of guts and determination and a belief that a dream lies at the end of the rainbow you can get there.   Good luck to you in your chosen career; keep plodding away and keep listening to Michael and the day WILL arrive when it will have been MORE than worthwhile !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello Sylvia,

Yes, he sure does have heaps of guts and determination.  He is so humble too, which is awesome.  I love the song The Hunger and his new one Gotta keep dreamin'!


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