Doing an assignment as I am studying to be a Teachers' Aid.  Listening to Michael very loud at the moment because it motivates me.  He is so inspiring, his music makes me believe I can do this course, no matter how hard the road is to getting to my goal.  He just drives me to do better and work hard.  Maybe I sound silly, but that is just how he makes me feel.  After all, his road to success wasn't easy, and he never gave up.  I think he is a fantastic role model..


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Agree with you on "Gotta Keep Dreamin'" Karina for that is one beautiful song and almost feel that should have been a single.   Glad you are enjoying it on here and remember and have a good old look round everything and pop in on any of the discussions whenever you feel like it !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks again Sylvia.  I am really enjoying checking everything out on the page.  I am meeting lots of lovely people courtesy of my post, including yourself.  Take care, Karina :)

I agree with Gail, Karina. Glad MB inspires you and good luck to you!! Sincerely,

Kathy T. :-)

Thanks for your encouragement everyone! Its been very nice to meet you all on here and chat with you. 

You are welcome, Karina, and best wishes with your son and his progress!! Sincerely,

Kathy T. :-)

Thanks Kathy.  He is a fantastic little boy and we all love him to bits.  He can't wait for Michael to come back to Australia so we can go to his concert. 

:) Karina

I look very forward to your review, Karina, when you and your son are finally able to go to an MB concert together
:-). Hope it comes soon for you. Hugs,

Katht T. :-)

Me too.  I am keeping an eye of his tour dates.  I heard that he is supposed to be coming back to Australia next year.  Fingers crossed!!

I will add my welcome also Karina :) I am certain Michael will return down unda for he loves Australia!! As you can see we are a friendly bunch and there are many more of us who read but don't post. Have fun visiting all the threads here and do be sure to post your review after you see Michael in concert!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thanks for the welcome Kathy.  I can't wait for him to come back!! I told my husband that there is no way I am missing his concert this time.  I love it on this page.  It is wonderful to meet all of you. 

Hi Karina,

Welcome, glad to have more of Michael fans in here posting and hope you get a concert in Aussie soon!


Hi Pitima,

Thank you very much for this fabulous version. Welcome to a great bunch of Michael fans, enjoy the forum and please post often.



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