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Hi everyone!  I have been finding things on ebay to complete my Michael Bolton collection or finding items I just never had over the years.  I found out on this website about the books written about Michael that are out of print, I just had to have them!  So I started searching on ebay and eventually I found them.  So I was thinking some of you might be interested also.  These are not items I or anyone I know is selling.  Since I am always looking for out of print items or unusual MB items, I wanted to share them with you. 
Please note: you will have to go directly to ebay and bid or buy the item and I have nothing to do with that.  If you are not familiar with ebay you will have to learn about it and open up an account. I am only "finding" items you may be interested in. 
Good luck and let us know if you get something!
from the Jersey Shore

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Michael Bolton Album Cover COASTER Set

How cool are these???!!! I wouldn't use them as coasters-they might get messed up.  I would prop them up around my desk or hang them on the wall.

Price: GBP 5.49
Approximately US $8.93

 These are in the UK, so shipping and delivery time may be increased.

Michael Bolton Fantastic New POSTCARD Set

Michael Bolton Fantastic New POSTCARD Set - eBay (item 310272112510...
Item number: 310272112510
Item location: London, United Kingdom
Ships to: Worldwide
Price: GBP 4.99 US approx. $8.12

Michael Bolton; Dave Carroll .. Winning Softball [VHS]

Item Condition: Good
Price $11.99 + 2.99 shipping
Location: NY,US
Will ship worldwide

Hi Joy,


I wonder whatever made you think of me in relation to a photograph of Michael - OMG I cannot think !!!!  LOL

I will go into eBay and see if I can find !   Went in for my frist time after reading this thread - found it easier and a lot less frightening than I had envisaged - and I put in a bid for a key ring and fridge magnet of Michael's AND I got an e-mail last night saying I had WON the bid  - first one in first one won - WOW - feels like Christmas all over again !! LOL......so thanks Joy, for putting in this thread !  :D.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia,

I knew you would love this!  I have no idea why I thought that either?!?! LOL

Luv ya, Joy

Hi Joy,


Thanks for putting in about the "tin" and, have a guess what, I've bought  !!!   After my disappointment the last time when they sold out I am delighted as I have had the follow-up e-mail saying "it's mine !"  Thanks Joy !! 


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

This is no longer on ebay.  I have tried to delete this post, but for some reason it won't let me!

Michael Bolton; Dave Carroll .. Winning Softball [VHS]

Hi Joy, I know this is a dumb question, but when you tried deleting, did you click "Okay" and wait a few seconds? Sometimes, the site is stubborn and you have to refresh and try again once or twice. Take care sweetie, hope you're doing well. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


Oh yes, I hit OK, waited a few minutes! Hit re-fresh.  Tried it a few days ago and again today on another computer-I give up!

Hi, Yes many of us have gotten items of MB's off Ebay over the years.. There is always alot of items there, you just have to go through them if you are searching for something or put your alerts on Ebay to let you know when there are things you want..Good luck finding what you want.

Robin in Maryland

I've found some amazing items by trawling through pages and pages on ebay.com .uk  .ie  .de  .fr .ie   infact on most of the ebay sites around the world!

Thats how I found all of the Michael items that we are offering for auction and raffle etc for the UK fan reception. I found the Bolton Bombers jacket, shirt, shorts by spending hours on the internet!! Ha Ha!! My friend calls me the ebay junkie!!

My collection alone fills two and half very large storage crates!!


Those coasters are lovely and after a bit of thought and fiddling, I managed to make my own for less than half the price. Ha Ha!!


Just as a note to others who might be interested in these wonderful items, apart from the coasters which are sold from the UK, all of the other items will only be shipped throughout US so may not be available to overseas purchasers.


I already have all of the items you've listed, but I dare say there are many who dont, so they will appreciate you posting them here.


How many did you buy Joy? Its so tempting isnt it?


Love Jennifer XX





Hi Joy, glad to read that you’ve started your thread sweetie! I’ll probably visit your page once in a while just to drool… :D That’s very sweet of you to do this for us, thank you!  Now Jennifer, maybe you’d like to contribute to Joy’s page too, if you’re such an expert! :D Now what wouldn’t I do to get that Bolton Bombers jacket…  Well anyway, thanks again Joy for all your efforts, kudos on the wording of your initial post, by the way, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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