Alright, so As long as I can remember I've been a huge Michael Bolton fan. My aunt Susie Higgins got me hooked. So I wrote this tounge in cheek article for the satirical website Gomerblog (healthcare's version of the onion). Because as a generation Y male, we are sometimes aprehensive to admit to our Michael Bolton Fandom, but no one will deny the power of his voice and music. I really Wanted to share it with the Michael Bolton Facebook page. It's gotten approx 6,600 shares and has been liked/read 6,700 times on Gomerblog. But my aunt wanted me to try to share it with Michael, so if he does read this, My Aunt Susie is your biggest fan, she used to go to all of the Bolton vs Teague league Softball games in Wisconsin; And has seen you live many times. For Christmas she bought me your book Time, Love, and Tenderness. She loves everything you do, and just wants you to keep making beautiful music. If you were to give her a shout out on your facebook page, she may pass out from sheer glee.


Hihof Mangan

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Hi, well first, if you’re truly a Michael fan, welcome to the forum. I would think that since the release of the “Jack Sparrow” video, it would have gotten easier for your generation to admit they were a Michael fan. Glad to hear your aunt introduced you to good music! :D Funny how that reminds me of this Ford Focus commercial:

BTW, if you enjoyed the TLT book, I’m assuming it’s the one from Lee Randall, you should definitely read Michael’s autobiography “The soul of it all”, which would make you proud to announce to the world that you’re a fan. :D I checked and it seems your aunt is not a member of this site, but it sounds like she should be. Listen, if you’d like to share your article or get a reply from Michael, your best bet is Twitter. You could tweet him the link to your article. Also, whenever your aunt’s birthday is coming up, you could tweet Michael and ask if he could wish her a happy birthday. If she has a Twitter account, he could probably send it directly. There are no guarantees because Michael is a very busy man, but he’s more active on Twitter and he’s been known to  send birthday wishes. Speaking of birthdays, if your aunt’s birthday is coming up, you could also have the option of sending her a personalized “American Greetings” E-card:

 Something tells me that if she’s that big a fan, this might be a reasonable second best. :D Well anyway, thanks for sharing, take care. Sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thank you so much for the info Sylvie! After finding this site I was thinking I'd help her create an account :) and I promise you that my next order from betterworldbooks will contain soul of it all, thank you for the recommendation. It's funny that you mention the Jack sparrow with lonely island, because for years I have been telling my friends that Michael Bolton was awesome, and after hearing that track, they all agree with me now. Haha.

Hi again, we’ll all look forward  to have your aunt join us on the site and if she or you need help navigating and finding things, please let us know.  You’re very welcome for the info about Michael’s book. Incidentally, just so you know, there’s both a print and an audio version read by Michael. :D Well I’ll tell ya, a lot of people discovered Michael through “Jack Sparrow” and even my eldest son who isn’t a Michael fan, had “Jack Sparrow” on his Ipod! :D Apparently, Michael and the Lonely Island guys are thinking of making a part 2 to “Jack Sparrow”!  :D Another tidbit you might not know,  Michael might have gotten the ball rolling on people realizing he was a funny guy in 2010. He appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel live” and did this skit called :“ The school of Michael Bolton”

lol I never get tired of it! :D If you have time to spend browsing the site,  I could suggest a few threads you might enjoy, like the “New videos on YouTube” thread, the tour review thread, the discography page  or the history thread. There’s a lot more to Michael than meets the eye or the ear... :D Well anyway, I’m sure you’ll love the book. Take care. Sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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