I paid my $100 fee for the new CD and T-Shirt and have not received anything yet. I signed on when the website 1st came up to apply

on Pledge. Can you tell me when I will receive them?  I would have brought the CD at the store the day it came out if I had known I would have not gotten it on time. A faithful and extreme fan of Michael.


Deborah Terecky 

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It is really only Pledge Music that can tell you when you might get Deborah.  Did you get an e-mail from them telling you the CD had been dispatched because you should have done.   In that e-mail there is a tracking number for DHL and if you follow that number you will find the details.  It would appear it is only the CD's that have been dispatched so far no one has got e-mail's from them saying any of the other items, you could purchase, have been dispatched and sorry, but have no idea when they intend to do that.  I have purchased other items and if no word from them during next week I will be writing to them to ask what is going on.   

To let you know we have been discussing Pledge Music over in the Music Section where there is a thread/page which started when Michael announced he was going into the studio and joining up with Pledge Music in 2015 and have updated it for reviews of the CD but, unfortunately, so far it mainly contains our tales of dissatisfaction with Pledge Music.

Here is link to thread if you want to read what has been said and if you won't to put your tuppence worth in there, please feel free !!


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


hello Sylvia:

Thank you for your reply .I am still confused.I am a pledger. I paid my $100 to be a pledger when it was 1st announced. When will I receive my T-shirt and my CD? I thought this was what I signed up for when I became a pledger. I have been following him on Pledge Music.

Thank you,


Just so you know some of us that paid for signed CD's have not gotten emails or anything either and the answer back from PledgeMusic is that they ran out, that they are waiting on more from the Artist Team.. So who knows when we will receive them. A few of us are waiting for round 2 for those also. So not all CD's have been sent out yet either.. Sad to say.

Robin in MD 


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