Wonderful news:

Bolton To Be A Grandad

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON is preparing to become a grandfather for the first time - his youngest daughter TARYN is pregnant.

The 57-year-old singer can't wait to welcome the new addition to his family, but he admits he still considers his three grown daughters -
Taryn, 30, Holly, 32, and Isa, 34 - kids.

He tells People magazine, "It's exciting. But it's also surreal - I still think of them as six, eight and 10. They still get embarrassed by me joking around."

Taryn, Holly and Isa are Bolton's children from his 15-year marriage to Maureen MCGuire.

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If this is true...don't get excited until we know it is correct!!! Know this from experience!! Gail
Thanks Gail for getting clarification!
Robin :)
Exactly, that is the first think I have thought: confirmation. Thanks!
Michael's becoming a granddad IS wonderful news. He will no dout be a very dowting graddad, like he is a dad. We have three new babbies in My family, one six weeks old, and two more on the way. My younger brothers' wife, my sister in law, is due any day now. I'm hoping for a boy, no matter what though, I hope he/she will be health and strong. My oldest neice is having her second baby in October. Babies are truly a blessing. God Bless to Taryn and Baby, and of course graddad Michael!!

Mary Lynn Borsheski
I think there really is something in the water :)
Waiting to hear if it's true before I congratulate him :)
Love Dianna xxx
I agree we should wait for official news.It must be difficult for the girls when your private life is out there for everyone to see when you might not want people to know so soon if ever.x
If it is true, I will be totally overjoyed for Taryn and of course for Michael,

Let us wait and see.

Love Jennifer XXXX
Great news! I am so excited for them! I have been waiting for this and will be over the moon to see pictures after the arrival! Praying for a boy for Poppa Bolton to be able to teach him to be a little putter (but know the important thing is a healthy baby boy or girl)! This is the wonderful thing about being a grandparent. You get to have all the fun but can skip the 24 7 responsibility of night feedings etc, etc, etc. Grandpa can still rock out the house! Do they make minatures of that blue guitar?
Ok guys...I have confirmation on this from Taryn. It is true and she is very excited! No other info right now. Gail
Well then, Congratulations are indeed in order!!! Thanks for checking on this Gail! Wow!!!
MB must be so excited!!!

Robin :)
Thanks Gail for the Info and Congratulations To Taryn and Michael Grandfather to be God Bless You Michael and Your Family .


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