Wonderful news:

Bolton To Be A Grandad

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON is preparing to become a grandfather for the first time - his youngest daughter TARYN is pregnant.

The 57-year-old singer can't wait to welcome the new addition to his family, but he admits he still considers his three grown daughters -
Taryn, 30, Holly, 32, and Isa, 34 - kids.

He tells People magazine, "It's exciting. But it's also surreal - I still think of them as six, eight and 10. They still get embarrassed by me joking around."

Taryn, Holly and Isa are Bolton's children from his 15-year marriage to Maureen MCGuire.

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un mondo di auguri a taryn per la splendida notizia e un abbraccio forte a michael per un momento della sua vita davvero speciale.

ciao cristina
A granddaughter to love will be so special and spoiled with oh, so much love! I am thrilled for Michael, Taryn, Robbie and the rest of the family. May she be blessed with a lifetime of good health, much happiness and the love of music that will certainly be in her genes! I can't wait to see pictures ... let's hope Michael will post them on his blog soon after she is born. A picture of him in a hospital gown, cap and holding a little pink bundle of joy would be precious to see. Sending love always ...
To Taryn , Michael and the whole family my very special congrats !!!!
Beautiful news !!! Michael must be so glad. me tooo
Take care
aww that is really special news!!

Congratulations Taryn!!

and to Michael and the rest of the family.

Love Deb xx
congratulations taryn and robbie on the great news .the most precious gift life can give to you .may you all have a happy and healthy life .i am sure the family are over the moon too.especially dad (grandad)

Congratulations Michael! A new chapter begins.......
congratulations to Taryn,Michael and the rest of the family on this wonderful news.
Sandra xx
Glad to hear this, he will be a great Grandad.x Congratulations Michael x
Just happened to be standing at the checkout counter a day or so after posting here and picked up the People mag to find the lovely article and great pics "at home" that confirmed the good news. Will be looking forward to the arrival. My mother Helen's was 10/7/21, mine 9/29/48, Wendy's (Jessica's mommy) 10/13/75 and Jessica's 11/2/05 so we will be partying that month too! Have a wonderful summer in anticpation of the event! You will be in our prayers!(-:
I was so excited to hear Michaels Daughter Taryn was going to make him a granddad! Congratulations to you and your family! I am a grandmother to 5 grandchildren. And it is the most wonderful blessing ! They are a joy, and so hard not to spoil!! But thats are job!! Love Eileen
I heard the tampon story, maybe little junior will be a liiiittle less fiesty ;D
Juliet, You obviously wasn't listening at the meal at Hampton Court! lol and its tampon not tampton!!!!

Very funny story.....

Best wishes
Carol (London)


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