Wonderful news:

Bolton To Be A Grandad

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON is preparing to become a grandfather for the first time - his youngest daughter TARYN is pregnant.

The 57-year-old singer can't wait to welcome the new addition to his family, but he admits he still considers his three grown daughters -
Taryn, 30, Holly, 32, and Isa, 34 - kids.

He tells People magazine, "It's exciting. But it's also surreal - I still think of them as six, eight and 10. They still get embarrassed by me joking around."

Taryn, Holly and Isa are Bolton's children from his 15-year marriage to Maureen MCGuire.

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Congrats to Taryn and soon to be grandpa Michael!! It is always so exciting for a new baby!
Oh Gail this is beautiful so very happy that Taryn is happy.
Here's wishing everything goes wonderfully well for her and the daddy.and of cause for the little one.
Michael I know you won't probably be reading all these comments but I tell you being a grand-parent is honestly the greatest gift.
I only have one and she honestly, she trully lights up my life.
I hope you can take time out to enjoy the little one because there is a special link that happens between the grand-parent and child that is so very different yet so hard to describe but you will see what I mean when the little one graces this world.
So congratulations Poppa Bolton and Best of all wishes to the whole family
Congratulation to Grand-Ma Bolotin I don't know if you have many great granchildren but here is another one to join in the fun and what a joy a little one brings.
So exciting this news
Love to you all
Dianna xxx
I also would like to extend my congratulations to Maureen what a wonderful joy a grand-child is and you will know no other love like it.
I watched my grand-daughter being born and it was the most beautiful thing in the world although when your watching you really wish you could take all the pain away and deliver the child yourself it is hard watching your daughter in pain but the end result is just so beautiful!
Best wishes to you
Love Dianna xxx
Hi Gail, thanks for the wonderful news! Congratulations to Taryn and the whole family! OMG, hard to believe Taryn’s gonna be a mom… I also have her frozen in my mind as Michael was talking about her starting to play softball in ’93… Wow,, what a wonderful belated birthday gift for her! And I can just imagine how overjoyed Michael must be and I just know that this child will have him wrapped around his or her little finger from the moment he or she is born… Congratulations to all and warmest wishes for a happy pregnancy and a healthy bundle of joy! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada xxx
Congrats to Taryn, Michael and the rest of the family. Wonderful news!

Ah congrats to Taryn ,Robbie and grandad Michael ,Thats great news for them .xx
Hi Lynn, Glad to see you here!!!
Robin :)
Ok.... so now... THE WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS to Taryn, first (moms first always) and then, TO MICHAEL and the rest of the family!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! Is incredible that the man that rocks the house everynight as a teenager is going to be a grandfather in a few months!!!!!! He must be so happy!!!! Praying for a good and safe pregnancy and childbirth.

Thanks Gail!!!!
I can just imagine how excited Mrs. Bolotin must be to be a great-grandmother too! I can just see the biggest smile on her face when that little one arrives!! OMG!!!!

Congrats to MB and the entire family!!!
Robin :)
Taryn has told me that she is 5 months pregnant and that the baby is due on October the 18th.

She is absolutely delighted with her news and thanks you all for your congratulations.

I have added the baby's due date to the Bolton Buddy's Birthday calendar.

I for one am truly and honestly thrilled for the prospective Mum and Dad and of course the first time Grandad Michael aswell.

Love Jennifer XXXX
She has managed to keep it very quiet considering ,Delighted for them .xx




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