Hi all,
I just saw that there's a Michael Bolton Mother's Day Twitter Party happening on Monday, May 3rd. The prizes are awesome- autographed copies of his CD and more! I found the details here: http://www.twitterpartyguide.com/twitter-party/michael-bolton-mothe...

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HI Anna, I barely use my Twitter account and I struggled on the site, registering and doing all the stuff they asked to be considered for the random drawings they were doing. The web page was sooooo slow and wouldn't let you tweet answers to the questions in a fast manner. It was different, those familiar with Twitter grids and their parties may have been able to do better. But that being said, I was ready to quit after it getting locked the first time and then I got back on and was able to answer a few questions and I was there at the right time and they did choose me for a prize. I'm waiting for the confirmation information today. I was so shocked! Still am..The ladies running it did not seem like Bolton fans and I recognized a gal from the Yahoo Groups and NatureGirl from this forum/previous forum was there too. It was maybe 53 people that signed up to do the contests. It was different!!! I struggled with it and they all said the system was slow, so it wasn't just me.

Will see how it turns out.

P.S. to my post above earlier---I didn't believe it till I got the confirmation a while ago and was asked to provide contact info needed. I about fell off my chair when they said in the Party that I did win one of the 5 GRAND PRIZES to get a copy of the CD, flowers delivered and a call from Michael!!! I still cannot believe it. I don't win stuff like this, my friends do-but I never do!!

So it's pretty surprising!!!! Hope you don't mind my sharing the excitement today-RELEASE DAY!!!! Woo Hoo!

Yaaaaay Robin!!!!! I took one look at the instructions and my eyes glazed over lol. Good for you for sticking with it!
I was google-eyed till it was done. It was like going into a war there for a while, with the technical part of this one! Oh my..................
Wow!! Congratulations Robin!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!
That will be some phone call!! You must be soo very excited!!
Thank you for sharing and please let us know what happens.

Love Deb xx
Congrats to you!! I am so excited for you!! Make sure you let us know what he says and take a picture of those flowers so we can all be jealous!! That is soooooo cool you won! I am an idiot when it comes to twitter, so I did not even bother, wish I had now ha ha!! When is to call ya? You better be home when he does! LOL!!! Again, congrats and enjoy!
Hi Kerie, Thanks, I'm an idiot with Twitter too, believe me, I struggled with it, I don't hardly ever use it, well I got a crash course last night. I was determined to figure it out eventually. I did email the HELP link and got a reply for one thing I didn't understand for their party stuff, their TwitterSpeak I'm not as familiar with and that did help when they responded trying to get registered with the party thing.
I guess the call comes in Sunday, don't know much yet. Oh I gave my cell # and it will be with me 24/7. LOL I'm not missing that call of all calls!!! Even if I'm at the barn tending my horse I'll have the phone with me!!LOL See how it all goes. In all my years this is a new experience! THANKS a bunch,
Congrats Robin on Winning , Take Care and God Bless You .
Dearest Robin lol...
My oh my a call with Michael himself ......Have no idea were you have won it lol but I want to say Congratulations and I realy hope you can enjoy it soooo much. Maybe you can record it ...Because I can remember the times we were in the chat with Michael years ago and when it was my turn lol ...it goes soooo fast that it goes by you for 90%. Lucky with the chat is that you can read it later lol but that is not the case with a telefone call with Michael.
I can say to you stay calm lol but I know when your talking to him there are to many this going to your mind..so please enjoy every min. off it.
Congrates again and please let us know how it went because everybody wants to know how it went lol...
I am very happy for you and also that finally the CD is out in the US pfff that had taken to much time...I need a new one lol But I am happy to hear that the DVD is coming out every were at the same time.
love you Robin and if you want I will send you the ice lol
lots of love Jacqueline

Oh Wow Robin I am so very happy for you
Enjoy and tell him Hi from all of us here at the forum
Couldn't have happened to a nicer lady
Love Dianna xxx

It goes without saying that I am over the moon with excitement for your pending phone call from the man himself and of course the flowers and the signed CD. Congratulations! You certainly deserve it after all these years of being such a loyal fan. Knowing you, you will remember every word that is said. We are all anxious to hear how it goes! Again, congrats for your win!

Thanks so much Kathy. I am curious what direction the conversation goes myself. LOL Thanks again for your good wishes!!!
Robin :)


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